Auto LPG bunks in bangalore

Auto LPG bunks in bangalore
S.NoLPG Bunks
22Total Gas, Indira Nagar, BANGALORE- 560034, KARNATAKA
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How to Resolve Weak Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman Error in Chrome?

How to Resolve Weak Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman Error in Chrome?
Some times when we connect to the website we will get the error "Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key".Site would have worked previously all of sudden we start seeing this error. The site we are trying to connect might be already set up with  SSL still we get this error means there is SSL vulnerability. This will impact both server and client.

We are trying to establish the secure connection but we are not able to do that due to outdated security code on the server. We will not be able to see the pages in chrome due the privacy policy,may be in other browsers we can able to see.

There are two possible solutions

1. This needs to be fixed in server side by administrators by disabling DHE Cipher suites in the server.

2. We can skip this error by following below steps

        1.  Go to shortcut of google chrome
        2. Right click and go to properties
        3.  We can find the text box called Target
        4.  After chrome exe path paste below content

   -cipher-suite- blacklist=0x0088,0x0087,0x0039,0x0038,0x0044,0x0045,0x0066,0x0032,0x0033,0x0016,0x0013

All these hexa decimal numbers are signifies different cipher algorithms and please find the cipher sample below
TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 (0x0004)
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Science Reason Behind Aaraththi

Science Reason Behind Aaraththi
Aaraththi is one of the ritual we follow since long while. Why are we doing this? what is the benefit of doing aarathi.?We do aaraththi in some special occasions like marriage,new born babies etc. Our ancestors not started doing this simply and there is a science reason behind this.

In order to prepare aaraththi we used to take water in a plate and then mix with turmeric and sunnambu. After adding sunnambu we can find the water color changes to red.


Then we will add small pieces of betel leafs.After prepared this aarathi they will put small light on the plate and rotate around this on a person three times and we call this as aarathi.

As we know turmeric is good  strong antioxidant and with this when we add sunnambu it becomes more antioxidant. Betal leaves also has a anti-bacterial element. This clears the unknown bacteria and germs in our body. That's the reason we take aarathi before we enter into the home.

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Emergency Contact Numbers in India

Emergency Contact Numbers in India
In India govt has provided some common numbers in case of emergency. This numbers can be called without any charge and even with out network available in your mobile. Based on the locality your calling it will be transferred to nearest help centers. We have following emergency numbers as of now.

Police  - 100
Fire     -101
Ambulance - 102 and 108

Since this all three different numbers telecom authority of India(TRAI) recommended single numbers for all these service. They selected 112 as common numbers to avail all the emergency help.Soon this number will be implemented. After this 112 called as primary numbers and previous emergency numbers considers to be secondary number. Even if we call to secondary number it will redirected to primary number.
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Seven Wonders of the World

Seven Wonders of the World
There are seven wonders available all over the world the list is as below. These wonders are still hold good for modern era those are .

 Taj Mahal - India:
      Taj Mahal was constructed in 1631 by Mughal emperor shah jahan. This is located in a city Agra and near the river of yamuna. Taj Mahla is completely built by using white marble.He built Taj Mahal for the memory of his wife Mumtaz who died in childbirth.

Great Wall of China:
    This wall is built by Qin Shi Haung and length of the wall around 6,000 KM. Main purpose of this wall is for military protection.

Christ Redeemer -Brasil:
Christ the Redeemer is a statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that was built as a symbol of Brazilian
Christianity.This statue is 98 feet tall.

Pramid -Egypt:
Most of the Pramid was built near to river nile.Egyptians believed that if the pharaoh's body could be mummified after death the pharaoh would live forever.Biggest prmid is built for pharaoh khuf .

Colosseum -Italy:
This was built more than 2000 years ago by the flavian emperors. This also called as amphitheater.

Hanging garden -Babylon:
We call it as hanging gardens because the gardens were built high above the ground on multi-level stone terraces.

Leaning Tower of Pisa:
This tower was started construction in 11th century. This tower is leaned because base is not strong enough to hold the weight of the tower.

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Abbreviation of NEWS

Abbreviation of NEWS
We hear  many types of NEWS every day like political,sports etc. What is the explanation of the news and how the word is being created.
Here is below the meaning of the word NEWS.

We are getting the informations from across all the directions hence its referred as NEWS.

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Airtel 24/7 Customer Care Number for Postpaid and Prepaid in Karnataka

Airtel 24/7 Customer Care Number for Postpaid and Prepaid in Karnataka
Airtel customers can contact customer care any time by dialing 121 from mobile. This call will be charged (50 p/min)  if we speak to customer care agent. Apart from 121 following helpline numbers also  available.

Airtel post paid customer care number: 9845012345

Airtel prepaid customer care number: 9845098450

Airtel support

Airtel toll free customer care : 198
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How to Recall Sent Email Message in Outlook

How to Recall Sent Email Message in Outlook
When we send an email in  Microsoft outlook there is a possibility mail send to wrong person or content of the mail is not correct. We don't have to worry about this  there is a option in outlook to recall the message send by us.

1. Go to sent items
2. Open the message which we wanted to recall by double clicking the message
3. Click Actions Icon

 As soon as clicked actions button we can see many options. If we want to recall the message completely click "Recall This Message" option. In case we wanted to replace with correct message use the option "Resend This Message".  This recalling mechanism works if the receiver is not read his email.
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How to Remove Saved Username and Password in Outlook?

How to Remove Saved Username and Password in Outlook?
Most of us we use Microsoft outlook for mails and some scenarios we wanted to remove the existing accounts which is configured in outlook. Also in some cases outlook will not be connected to the exchange server ,we can see the message trying to connect but in the end we will get disconnect as status. In such a scenario we need to delete the password in outlook. Let see how to do it.


Go to Control Panlel --> Click CredentailManager. Now In generic credential section we can see MS outlook details displayed. Here we have an option either delete the account or edit the password.
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Why Cant We Grow Sandalwood Trees?

Why Cant We Grow Sandalwood Trees?
Sandal wood tree is most expensive tree, specifically Indian sandal wood trees.This tree grows very well in south India Andra,Karnataka and Tamilnadu. This tree is very much useful because of cosmetic and therapeutic value.

 Couple of years back sandalwood trees were the property of the government. Growing sandal wood tree is not illegal but public cannot cut and sell it. If we do so that's illegal. If we grown any sandal wood tree we need to inform it to forest department and they will allot one number for our tree for further reference.There is a well defined guides given by forest department in each state.

Why people hesitate to plant Sandalwood?

1. There is a possibility that all farmer start cultivating sandal wood trees because of expensive in nature and this in turn reduce the food productivity.
2. Potential risk for former's to protect the trees.
3. Sandal wood trees can give yield after 12 to 15 years

Many states has reduced the rules and regulations against sandalwood act.Some states encourages the form grown sandal wood trees to increasing the productivity. This forms are highly secured with latest technology methods.

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How to Get Vehicle Details Online in Madhya Pradesh

How to Get Vehicle Details Online in Madhya Pradesh
RTO departments are centralized in Madhya Pradesh, this allow us to get all the details of the vehicle like owner name, date of registration through online. There are three options to get all those information,

1. Vehicle Number
2. Chase Number
3. Engine number.

If we know any of the above information we will be able to get vehicle details as like below. Click Here


Selection the desired option and provided the appropriate values then click search button. That's all now we have an vehicle information's in our hand.
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West Bengal Registration Codes for Cities

West Bengal Registration Codes for Cities
Kolkata (two-wheelers) WB 01
Kolkata (private four-wheelers) WB 02
Kolkata (goods carriages) WB 03
Kolkata (passenger vehicles) WB 04
Kolkata (tractors, trailers, cranes) WB 05
Kolkata (private four-wheelers) WB 06
Kolkata (two-wheelers) WB 07AA
Kolkata ----------(to be used) WB 08
Kolkata ----------(to be used) WB 09
Kolkata ----------(to be used) WB 10
Howrah (transport vehicles) WB 11
Howrah (Non transport vehicles) - WB 12
Howrah ----------(to be used) WB 13
Howrah (Non transport vehicles) WB 14
Hooghly (transport vehicles) WB 15
Hooghly (Non transport vehicles) - WB 16
Hooghly (Non transport vehicles) WB 18
South 24 Parganas, Alipore(transport vehicles) WB 19
South 24 Parganas, Alipore(Non transport vehicles) WB 20
Barrackpore (transport vehicles) WB 23
Barrackpore (Non transport vehicles) WB 24
Barasat (transport vehicles) WB 25B
Barasat (Non transport vehicles) WB 26
Tamluk (transport vehicles) WB 29
Tamluk (Non transport vehicles) WB 30
Contai (transport vehicles) WB 31
Contai (Non transport vehicles) WB 32
Midnapur (transport vehicles) WB 33
Midnapur (Non transport vehicles) WB 34
Asansol (transport vehicles) WB 37
Asansol (Non transport vehicles) WB 38
Durgapur (transport vehicles) WB 39
Durgapur (Non transport vehicles) WB 40
Burdwan (transport vehicles) WB 41
Burdwan (Non transport vehicles) WB 42
Asansol (Non transport vehicles) WB 44
Nadia (transport vehicles) WB 51
Nadia (Non transport vehicles) WB 52
Birbhum (transport vehicles) WB 53
Birbhum (Non transport vehicles) WB 54
Purulia (transport vehicles) WB 55
Purulia (Non transport vehicles) WB 56
Murshidabad (transport vehicles) WB 57
Murshidabad (Non transport vehicles) WB 58
Raiganj (transport vehicles) WB 59
Raiganj (Non transport vehicles) WB 60
Balurghat (transport vehicles) WB 61
Balurghat (Non transport vehicles) WB 62
Cooch Behar (transport vehicles) WB 63
Cooch Behar (Non transport vehicles) WB 64
Malda (transport vehicles) WB 65
Malda (Non transport vehicles) WB 66
Bankura (transport vehicles) WB 67
Bankura (Non transport vehicles) WB 68
Alipurduar (transport vehicles) WB 69
Alipurduar (Non transport vehicles) WB 70
Jalpaiguri (transport vehicles) WB 71
Jalpaiguri (Non transport vehicles) WB 72
Siliguri (transport vehicles) WB 73
Siliguri (Non transport vehicles) WB 74
Darjeeling (transport vehicles) WB 76
Darjeeling (Non transport vehicles) WB 77
Kalimpong (transport vehicles) WB 78
Kalimpong (Non transport vehicles) WB 79
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Maharashtra Vehicle Registration Codes for Cities

Maharashtra Vehicle Registration Codes for Cities
Mumbai (Central)- Location- Tardeo MH 01
Mumbai, west(West), Andheri MH 02
Mumbai MH 03
Thane MH 04
Kalyan MH 05
Pen MH 06
Kudal MH 07
Ratnagiri MH 08
Kolhapur MH 09
Sangli MH 10
Satara MH 11
Pune MH 12
Solapur MH 13
Pimpri-Chinchwad,Junnar MH 14
Nashik MH 15
Ahmednagar MH 16
Shrirampur MH 17
Dhule MH 18
Jalgaon MH 19
Aurangabad MH 20
Jalna MH 21
Parbhani MH 22
Beed MH 23
Latur MH 24
Osmanabad MH 25
Nanded MH 26
Amravati MH 27
Buldana MH 28
Yavatmal MH 29
Akola MH 30
Nagpur MH 31
Wardha MH 32
Gadchiroli MH 33
Chandrapur MH 34
Gondia MH 35
Bhandara MH 36
Washim MH 37
Hingoli MH 38
Nandurbar MH 39
Wadi, Nagpur MH 40
Malegaon MH 41
Baramati MH 42
Navi Mumbai MH 43
Ambejogai MH 44
Akluj MH 45
Panvel MH 46
Malwani MH 47
Vasai MH 48
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Gujarat Vehicle Registration Codes for Cities

Gujarat Vehicle Registration Codes for Cities
Ahmedabad GJ-1
WIAA, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad GJ-1-W
Mehsana GJ-2
Rajkot GJ-3
Bhavnagar GJ-4
Surat GJ-5
Vadodara GJ-6
Kheda GJ-7
BanasKantha GJ-8
SabarKantha GJ-9
Jamnagar GJ-10
Junagadh GJ-11
Kutch / Kachchh GJ-12
Surendranagar GJ-13
Amreli GJ-14
Valsad GJ-15
Bharuch GJ-16
Panchmahal GJ-17
Gandhinagar GJ-18
Bardoli GJ-19
Dahod GJ-20
Navsari GJ-21
Narmada GJ-22
Anand GJ-23
Patan GJ-24
Porbandar GJ-25
Tapi (Vyara) GJ-26
Ahmedabad East GJ-27
Surat West (Pal) GJ-28
Vadodara Rural GJ-29
Dang (Ahwa) GJ-30
Gandhidham - Tehsi GJ-31
Botad GJ-32
Arvalli (Modasa) GJ-33
Devbhumi Dwarka GJ-34
Mahisagar (Lunawada) GJ-35
Morbi (Morvi) District GJ-36
Chhota Udaipur GJ-37
Gir Somnath GJ-38
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Bihar vehicle registration code for cities

Bihar vehicle registration code for cities
Patna BR01
Gaya BR02
Bhojpur BR03
Chapra BR04
Motihari BR05
Muzaffarpur BR06
Darbhanga BR07
Munger BR08
Begusarai BR09
Bhagalpur BR10
Purnea BR11
Saharsa BR19
Nalanda BR21
Bettiah BR22
Dehri BR24
Aurangabad BR26
Jehanabad BR25
Nawada BR27
Gopalganj BR28
Siwan BR29
Sitamarhi BR30
Vaishali BR31
Madhubani BR32
Samastipur BR33
Khagaria BR34
Kishanganj BR37
Araria BR38
Katihar BR39
Madhepura BR43
Buxar BR44
Bhabua BR45
Jamui BR46
Supaul BR50
Banka BR51
Sheikhpura BR52
Lakhisarai BR53
Sheohar BR55
Arwal BR56
Rohtas BR57
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Easy Way to Convert MS Word to PDF

Easy Way to Convert  MS Word to PDF
We might be having ms word document and wanted to convert into PDF,No need to worry about installing any software to convert word document to PDF. The process is very simple just open the word document  , Go to file click save as  then select save as type PDF(*.pdf) in the drop down. Give the proper file name click ok ,That's our word document is converted to PDF.  Alignment will not be proper only if you have lot of graphics and format styles in the document.


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Download All Govt Forms in Karnataka Online

Download All Govt Forms in Karnataka Online
No need to worry about going to govt office to get form for any govt related queries and  apply something in govt. Govt of Karnataka given one point to download all the govt related forms. This facility is applicable for the all the departments. This forms are available in both Kannada and English language. Here is the link to download the forms.

Download Forms
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How to Cancel Wrong Credit Card Transactions?

How to Cancel Wrong Credit Card Transactions?
We all might be having multiple credit cards or at least will be having one credit card. We might encountered a situation, wrong amount is taken by vendors, This can happen by mistake or intentionally they would have done that.

 Let say for example we bought some product for 100 rs and when they swipe credit card for billing they have to enter the price. In case shop keeper wrongly entered as 1000 and without seeing the price we confirmed it then 1000 rs debited from our account. Now how to  cancel this wrong transaction to get our money back?.

Option 1:

After transaction is over we will get the slip with transaction number as customer copy. Also one more copy we need to sign and give it to vendor. In case of wrong transaction vendor needs to raise the cancellation request using swipe machine along with transaction number. This is the immediate way of cancelling the transaction. Once its get cancelled we will get an message from our bank for cancellation confirmation.


Option 2:
Suppose we did not notice when we purchase the product and later realized it for wrong payment or vendor refused to cancel the transactions. In this kind of scenario we need to call up our bank customer care and inform the situation with transaction number. Bank will investigate with vendor when the claim money from bank. If vendor agrees then only money will credit back to us.

Both the options we have some risk associated to us,so its better we need to be careful before confirming the transactions.
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What is D-SIB framework Introduced by RBI

What is D-SIB framework Introduced by RBI
D-SIB means Domestically Systematic Bank.Every year RBI(Reserve Bank Of India) announce list of banks who are belongs to D-SIB list.D-SIB framework has set of rules and regulations to identify banks and this was first introduced in 2008.

Why do we need this framework?

Banks are plays vital role in countries economic growth,if any worst scenario bank is not able to operate due to bad financial situation of the bank. This directly impacts persons who deposited in the bank and in turn country economic growth.In 2008 in US Lehman Brothers financial firm announced the bankruptcy due to this economical crisis happened in US. This economical crisis impacted all over the world. To avoid this kind of scenario RBI developed D-SIB framework.

Factors to find D-SIB banks

There are many factors to determine in D-SIB framework
1.Outstanding loans
2.Bank size
3.Number of transactions
4.Operational cost
5. Current financial balance to run the business and maintain the if any loss further.

Above are the some factors to decide D-SIB banks. Adding the banks to D-SIB list will not make any problem to the bank. This is the indication that banks need to improve the financial balance.This article gives overview about the D-SIB framework ,Please find the below link to read more details about D-SIB framework provide by RBI. D-SIB

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How to Check Blood Availability in Blood Bank Through SMS?

How to Check Blood Availability in Blood Bank Through SMS?
Airtel offers a toll free SMS number to check the blood  availability in the blood bank.This facility is tied up with Jeevan Blood Bank.This initiative is taken by airtel as part of Airtel Cares for Everyone(ACE). This facility is accessible 24/7.All we need to do is we need to send an SMS to 9600097000 about blood group information as like below.

        Blood O-

After sending an message we will get an response saying particular blood is available or not in the bank.If the required blood is available then we can directly contact Jeevan blood bank for further assistance.

Blood bank assures the purity of the blood collected from the donors.Also Every blood donation is tested for HIV , Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria, Syphilis.
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Indian States and their Capitals List

Indian States and their Capitals List
In India totally we have 29 states available and those 29 states divided into four regions South,North,West,East. Find the below list of states and those capitals. Also we have 7 union Territories in India apart from 29 states.
1Andhra PradeshHyderabad
2Arunachal PradeshItanagar
9Himachal PradeshShimla
10Jammu and KashmirSrinagar
14Madhya PradeshBhopal
24Tamil NaduChennai
27Uttar PradeshLucknow
29West BengalKolkata
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Smart Cities List in India

Smart Cities List in India
Govt of India announced list of cities selected to promote as smart cities. Across India around 98 cities selected for smart cities.The main criteria for selection of the cities based on industrial preference,commercial preference and tourist preference. Below is the list of cities for each state.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:
    i .  Port Blair

Andhra Pradesh :
i. Vishakhapatnam
ii. Tirupati
iii. Kakinada

Arunachal Pradesh :
i. Pasighat

Assam :

Bihar :


i. Raipur
ii. Bilaspur

Dadra and Nagar Haveli :

Daman and Diu:
i. Diu

Goa :
i. Panaji

Gujarat :
i. Gandhinagar
ii. Ahmedabad
iii. Surat
iv. Vadodara
v. Rajkot
vi. Dahod

Haryana :
i. Karnal
ii. Faridabad

Himachal Pradesh :
i. Dharamshala

Jharkhand :
i. Ranchi

i. Mangaluru
ii. Belagavi
iii. Shivamogga
iv. Hubballi-Dharwad

Kerala :
i. Kochi

i. Kavarrati

Madhya Pradesh:
i. Bhopal
ii. Indore
iii. Jabalpur
iv. Gwalior
v. Sagar
vi. Satna
vi. Ujjain

Maharashtra :
i. Navi Mumbai
ii. Nashik
iv. Greater Mumbai
v. Amravati
vi. Solapur
vii. Nagpur
viii Kalyan-Dombivali
ix. Aurangabad
x. Pune


i. Shillong

Mizoram :
i. Aizawl

Nagaland :
i. Kohima

Odisha :
ii. Raurkela

i. Oulgaret


Rajasthan :
iii. Kota

Sikkim :
i. Namchi

Tamil Nadu :
i. Tiruchirapalli

Telangana :
i.Greater Hyderabad
ii. Greater Warangal

Tripura :

Uttar Pradesh :

Uttarakhand :

West Bengal :
i. New Town Kolkata
ii. Bidhannagar
iii. Durgapur
iv. Haldia

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Smart City List in Tamilnadu

Smart City List in Tamilnadu
Govt of India has announced the list of cities nominated for to convert smart cities.  Consideration mainly given to industrial cities,commercial and tourist cities. Below is the list of cities in Tamilnadu selected for smart cities

1. Tiruppur
2. Coimbatore
5. Vellore
9. Tanjore

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Uttar Pradesh Vehicle Registration Numbers for Cities

Uttar Pradesh Vehicle Registration Numbers for Cities
Ambedkar NagarUP45BandaUP90
SultanpurUP44Kanshi Ram NagarUP87
Bhim NagarUP38EtahUP82
Panchsheel NagarUP37AligarhUP81
Chatrapati Sahuji Mahraj NagarUP36AgraUP80
SitapurUP34Kanpur CityUP78
RaebareliUP33Kanpur DehatUP77
Jyotiba Phule NagarUP23ChandauliUP67
RampurUP22Sant Ravidas NagarUP66
Prabuddh NagarUP19MirzapurUP63
Gautam Budh NagarUP16GhazipurUP61
GhaziabadUP14Sant Kabir NagarUP58
SaharanpurUP11Sidhharth NagarUP55
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Kerala Vehicle Registration Numbers for Cities

Kerala Vehicle Registration Numbers for Cities
KL-01 Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum City)
KL-02 Kollam
KL-03 Pathanamthitta
KL-04 Alappuzha
KL-05 Kottayam
KL-06 Idukki
KL-07 Ernakulam (Kochi City)
KL-08 Thrissur (Thrissur City)
KL-09 Palakkad
KL-10 Malappuram
KL-11 Kozhikode (Calicut City)
KL-12 Wayanad
KL-13 Kannur (Kannur City)
KL-14 Kasaragod
KL-15 Registered in Trivandrum (KSRTC)
KL-16 Attingal 
KL-17 Muvattupuzha
KL-18 Vatakara 
KL-19 Parassala 
KL-20 Neyyattinkara
KL-21 Nedumangad 
KL-22 Kazhakoottam
KL-23 Karunagappalli 
KL-24 Kottarakkara
KL-25 Punalur 
KL-26 Adoor 
KL-27 Thiruvalla
KL-28 Mallappally
KL-29 Kayamkulam 
KL-30 Chengannur
KL-31 Mavelikkara
KL-32 Cherthala
KL-33 Changanassery
KL-34 Kanjirappally
KL-35 Pala
KL-36 Vaikom
KL-37 Vandiperiyar
KL-38 Thodupuzha
KL-39 Thripunithura
KL-40 Perumbavoor
KL-41 Aluva
KL-42 North Paravur
KL-43 Mattancherry 
KL-44 Kothamangalam
KL-45 Irinjalakuda
KL-46 Guruvayur 
KL-47 Kodungalloor
KL-48 Wadakkanchery
KL-49 Alathur 
KL-50 Mannarkkad 
KL-51 Ottappalam 
KL-52 Pattambi 
KL-53 Perinthalmanna 
KL-54 Ponnani 
KL-55 Tirur 
KL-56 Koyilandy 
KL-57 Koduvally 
KL-58 Thalassery 
KL-59 Thaliparamba 
KL-60 Kanjangad 
KL-61 Kunnathur 
KL-62 Ranni 
KL-63 Angamaly 
KL-64 Chalakkudy 
KL-65 Tirurangadi 
KL-66 Kuttanad 
KL-67 Uzhavoor 
KL-68 Devikulam 
KL-69 Udumbanchola 
KL-70 Chittur 
KL-71 Nilambur 
KL-72 Mananthavady 
KL-73 Sulthan Bathery
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Educational Loan Details Available Now in Online

Educational Loan Details Available Now in Online
Govt of India launched new site for educational loans. This site has all the information's related to educational loans across India. Most of the nationalized banks already affiliated to this site and few more banks are going to added soon. This site has named as vidyalakshmi by the name of god.

Main idea of this site is all educational loan related information's and queries will be addressed in this website. Please click here to visit the site
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How to Attach Files in PPT and MSWord as Icon?

How to Attach Files in PPT and MSWord as Icon?
We will prepare documents with the help of MS power point and MS word. There could be scenarios we might need to attach a reference documents or files in the document. This can be done easily as object insertion in MS word or power point. We need to go to insert tab. Click Object now we will get following option. Select the option create from file and give the location of the document.


 Once selected the document select the option display as icon on the right hand side. Now we have option to change the display icon name. Click ok now. We can see the file attached now in the document as icon.  
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How to Check PAN Card Application Status?

How to Check PAN Card Application Status?
Pan card application status can be checked in two ways.
Option 1:
 First option go the following site  Select the application type and type acknowledgement number along with first name,last name and date of birth. Click Submit then we will get the status of the PAN card.

Option 2:
Send SMS to 57575 with acknowledgement number following format.

SMS NSDLPAN  AcknowledgementNo
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How to Apply Online Education Scholarship in India?

How to Apply Online Education Scholarship in India?
Govt of India has  introduced a new website for apply all kind of education related scholarships. All this scholarships can be applied in online.The main idea for introducing this scheme is, benefits can be directly sent to students.In order to avail scholarship first we need to register in that site then we can apply for scholarship.


Our application will be send to concern universities/colleges for verification and they will submit the report to govt. Based on the report, scholarship will be provided to the student. We can also check the status of the application. Scholarship can be applied in

There is a way to check if the student is eligible to get the scholarship. Click Here to check the eligibility.

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How to Download EPF Passbook Online?

How to Download EPF Passbook Online?
PF information's  are available in online, We can download our PF passbook any time from the portal. We need to go to following site

If we already have an account we can directly select select the document and give document number and mobile number the click sign in button. New users can can create a account there.


After login we can see the option Download E Passbook. Click on the E passbook option. Now select the state where your PF is registered. After selecting the date it will list all the cities where PF office is located. Now we need to select the appropriate city where our PF registered.  In below example i selected state as Delhi and city as Delhi (South).

Now type 5 letter company code is first box and last three letters is your PF number.We need to authenticate this request so first fill the capcha letters provided, now click get PIN. This will send you OTP to registered mobile number. Upon providing the OTP we can download the EPF passbook.

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How to Sync Up System Time with Internet Time in Windows?

How to Sync Up System Time with Internet Time in Windows?
We can sync our system time with internet time, this is very useful when your network is configured 5 mins ahead or less than normal timings. When ever you connected to the network your system time also shows 5 mins  in ahead. In order to avoid this we can sync our system time with internet time.

Right click on time and then click adjust date/time options.As soon clicked we can see three tabs , Date/Time,Additional Clock, Internet time. If your not able to see internet time tab disconnect from your network and try or you should have administrative  access. Now click on Internet time tab

Select server as now click ok. That's all we are done. Now the system time is synchronized with internet time.
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How to find Cheque number in Cheque Leaf?

How to find Cheque number in Cheque Leaf?
Paying through cheque is secured way of transferring money from one account to another account. Its obvious that some time we get confused where do find the cheque number because multiple numbers are written in the bottom of the cheque. Please see the image below highlighted in red box is cheque number.

cheque number

Also some bank check books have created some cuts to the cover ,so that cheque number highlighted.
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Types of vehicle number plate boards in India

Types of vehicle number plate boards in India
Every vehicle must have registered with RTO and registered number will be displayed in number plate in front and back side of the vehicle. There is a meaning behind the color of the number plate and color of the letter we wrote in the plate.

1. White Board:

Vehicles for self use such as cars or two wheeler called as white board vehicles  and those vehicles number plate background would be white and number is written in black.


2. Yellow Board:

Commercial vehicles number plate background would be yellow and letters is written in black. ex(bus,taxes,truck,lorries)

3. Black board:

Commercial vehicle available for rent for self driving which has black background and numbers written in yellow letters.

4. Blue board:

Foreign consulates cars would have light blue background and numbers written in white colors.

5.Red board:

 President and governors of India travels without licence plate.But there will be emblem in gold on red color board.
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Vehicle registration codes for each state in india

Vehicle registration codes for each state in india
Every vehicle has its own number ,this numbers can be registered in any one of the state in India. Vehicle registered state name is displayed in the number plate as a short form. Each state has two letter short form code as below.

S.No State Code
1 Andhra Pradesh AP
2 Andhaman Nicobar AN
3 Arunachal Pradesh AR
4 Assam AS
5 Bihar BR
6 Chandigarth CH
7 Chhattisgarth CG
8 Delhi DL
9 Daman and Diu DD
10 Dadra and Nagar Haveli DN
11 Goa GA
12 Gujarat GJ
13 Haryana HR
14 Himachal HP
15 Jammu and Kashmir JK
16 Kerala KL
17 Karnataka KA
18 Lakshadeep LD
19 Maharastra MH
20 Manipur MN
21 Meghalaya ML
22 Mizoram MZ
23 Madhya Pradesh MP
24 Nagaland NL
25 Punjab PB
26 Rajasthan RJ
27 Sikkim SK
28 Tamilnadu TN
29 Tripura TR
30 Telangana TG
31 Jharkhand JH
32 Pondicherry PY
33 Uttrakhand UA/UK
34 Uttar Pradesh UP
35 Odisha OR/OD
36 West Bengal WB
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Vehicle RC book and owner details online in karnataka

Vehicle RC book and owner details online in karnataka
RTO departments are centralized in Karnataka, Now we have an feature by giving vehicle number we will be able to see all the details of the vehicle like owner name,chase number,registration date date everything. There are three options to get all those information,

1. Vehicle Number
2. Chase Number
3. Engine number.

If we know any of the above information we will be able to get vehicle details as like below. Click the following link

Selection the desired option and provided the appropriate values then click search button. That's all now we have an vehicle information's in our hand.

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Why Nagpur is Called as Diamond Crossing?

Why Nagpur is Called as  Diamond Crossing?
Indian railways is the one of the biggest organizations and it connects people all over India.  We have four major divisions in railway department called as south,north,west,east. Nagpur is only city in India which cross all the four division trains. Also we can find this crossing happened in train track as well.

Because of the track crossing this place is called as diamond crossing or zero miles. Two major routes which connects all over India is as below

South  to North  Route-  Kanyakumari to Udhampur
East to West  - Mumbai - Howrah

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Forgot your Airtel Prepaid Mobile Number?

Forgot your Airtel Prepaid Mobile Number?
Some times we might be using two SIM cards and there could be possible we may forgot our mobile number. No worries there is a short available to get our mobile number displayed in the screen.
This option available only for prepaid mobile numbers. Dial the following number to get the mobile number.


After dialed we see ussd code running for a moment then it displays the airtel mobile number
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Traffic Violation Fine Details in India

Traffic Violation Fine Details in India

Most of the cases we don't know how much fine we need to pay if we accidentally violate the traffic rules. Below table describes the traffic laws and penalty for that violation. Apart from this there could be some law specific to the state government policy.

01 Dangerous Drive Two Wheeler  M.V.Act 184 300 
02 Dangerous Drive Non-Transport Vehicle(White Board) M.V.Act 184 400
03 Dangerous Drive Transport Vehicle(Yellow Board) M.V.Act 184 500
04 Whoever drives a Vehicle or cause Vehicle to be driven at a speed exceeding the maximum speed fixed Section 112 read with sec.183(1) & (2) of M.V. Act 300
05 Racing & trails of speed Section.189 of M.V. Act 500
06 Carrying excess passengers in
i) 3 Wheeled Vehicle
ii) Transport Vehicles including buses
Section 177 of the M.V. Act 100/- for every excess passenger
07 Drunken Drive M.V.Act 185 Court Fine
08 No Parking Section 177 of M.V. Act 100
09 Demanding Excess Fare & refusal to come for hire etc., by Autoricksaw Driver or Taxi Driver Rule 13 (U) of the KMV Rules read with Section 177 of the M.V. Act First time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/-
10 Defective Fare Meter 16 Clause (K) 100
11  Defective Silencer 16 Clause 120 100
12  Emitting Black Somke 190 Clause (2) 300
13 Shrill Horn 190 Clause (2) 100
14 Without Permit 190 Clause 192 Court Fine
15 Without Driving License Two Wheeler Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.  300
16 Without Driving License Non-Transport Vehicle Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act. 400
17 Without Driving License Transport Vehicle Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.  500 
18 Driving a Motor Vehicle in any public place by an under aged person Sec.4 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act. 500
19 Owner of a Motor Vehicle permitted any person to drive his/her Vehicle in contravention of section 3 or 4 Sec.5 read with Sec.180 of the M.V. Act. 1000
20 Jumping Traffic Signal Rule 119, read with section 177, M.V. Act 100
21 Wrong Parking 190 Clause 117 100
22  Cutting Yellow Lane/Lane Discipline 190 Clause 119 100
23  Defective Number Plate 190 Clause 50 100
24  No Entry 190 Clause 115 100
25  H.T.V. Prohibited 115 R/w 177 100
26  Without Uniform 14 R/w 177 100
27  Without I.C 14 R/w 106 500
28  Without F.C 14 R/w 56 Court Fine
29  Defective Head Light 14 R/w 106 100
30  Without Tail Light 14 R/w 250 100
31 Driving any Motor Vehicle without number plate Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules read with section 177 of the M.V. Act First time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/-
32  Footboard Traveling 94 Clause (2) 100
33  Gents Traveling Ladies Seat in BMTC Bus 94 Clause (4) 100
34  Holding / using Mobile Phone while Driving / riding a Vehicle  Section 230 (A) KMVR R/W Sec 177, I.M.V Act  100
35 Not wearing Helmet to head while riding the Vehicle 230 of the KMVR 1989 in sub rule (1) 100
36 Triple riding Section 128 (1), MV Act R/W sec 177 MV Act 100
37 Wrong Parking + Towing charges(2Wheeler)  - 300
38 Wrong Parking + Towing charges (Car)  - 400
39 Wrong Parking + Towing charges (HGV)  - 500
 40Driving without wearing Seat Belt-
Using Black Film/Other Materials SEC 100 CMVR R/W 177, MV ACT First time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/-

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How to Find Traffic Fines for the Vehicle in Bangalore?

How to Find Traffic Fines for the Vehicle in Bangalore?
Bangalore city traffic police department installed CCTV cameras many places in the city.If we violate the traffic rules or parked the vehicle in the no parking area or in any other manner, though cop is not catching us at that time, using this cameras we are fined. This fine will be registered against our vehicle numbers. There are ways to check is there any traffic fine registered for our vehicle.

Option 1:
Send an SMS to 52225 with following format

Option 2:

We can verify it in online by using the link
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Inflation Rate History in India

Inflation Rate History in India
Inflation rate in India has many up's and downs for last 50 years. Find the below table show the history of inflation rates in India.

Year Rate
2014 5.86 %
2013 9.13 %
2012 11.17 %
2011 6.49 %
2010 9.47 %
2009 14.97 %
2008 9.70 %
2007 5.51 %
2006 6.53 %
2005 5.57 %
2004 3.78 %
2003 3.72 %
2002 3.20 %
2001 5.16 %
2000 3.48 %
1999 0.47 %
1998 15.32 %
1997 6.29 %
1996 10.41 %
1995 9.69 %
1994 9.47 %
1993 8.64 %
1992 8.00 %
1991 13.07 %
1990 13.71 %
1989 5.42 %
1988 8.79 %
1987 9.31 %
1986 9.21 %
1985 7.14 %
1984 5.19 %
1983 12.46 %
1982 8.05 %
1981 12.73 %
1980 9.09 %
1979 11.70 %
1978 1.51 %
1977 7.86 %
1976 0.00 %
1975 -6.18 %
1974 25.40 %
1973 23.81 %
1972 7.66 %
1971 4.89 %
1970 5.01 %
1969 3.54 %
1968 -2.23 %
1967 8.60 %
1966 13.94 %
1965 5.49 %
1964 17.01 %
1963 6.87 %
1962 2.48 %
1961 3.21 %
19600.00 %

To know more about inflation.
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What is Inflation Rate?

What is Inflation Rate?
We may heard the word inflation many times during year end budget discussion  or where ever economic meeting is happening. What is  mean by this inflation?.How it is calculated?  Inflation is nothing but rate of price incremental from last year to this for any products or any services. Let see the simple example to understand this.


Lets say last year 1 kg of rice price is 50 Rs and this year it has been increased to 55 Rs. Now we are going to calculate inflation rate for the year and formula to calculate inflation is .

Inflation Rate = ((Final Index Price - Initial Index Price)/Initial Index Price) * 100

If we apply our values into the above formula

Inflation Rate =  ((55 - 50)/50) * 100
Inflation Rate = 10 %

We have found the inflation rate for rice, Now how are we calculating total India's inflation rate?. Indian govt took basket of products from various industries like vegetables,fruits,factories,industries etc. Each product has its own weightage to derive the country inflation rate. Its obvious that more inflation rate product decides the  inflation numbers. So the total inflation rate is derived out of all these products inflation rates.

What Happens when Inflation Rate Increased: 

1. If inflation increases buying power of the people will be reduced.
2. Inflation rate is going high means country's economic growth is not going good.    
3. Well developed countries inflation rate is 2-3% only

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What is Mean by Mobile Number Portability in India?

What is Mean by Mobile Number Portability in India?
Govt of India introduced One Nation One Number plan and we also call this feature as MNP(Mobile number portability). As per the MNP concept mobile consumers can keep their mobile numbers same when they switch across the states in India. No need to change the mobile number when we change state.

mobile portability

As per existing policy changing the network providers without changing  number was allowed only with in same state or same circles. According to new plan this is possible. This plan implementation is recommended by TRAI and approved by department of telecommunications.
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How Youtube Offline Videos Works?

How Youtube Offline Videos Works?
Google provided a solution for buffering issue when we watch videos on you tube. This is common problem when we have slow internet connection or internet disruption.This option available on the YouTube app in android device. If we already installed the app then we just need to update it. Let see how this app works.

The idea behind the offline videos is, we can save the preferred video for offline viewing and we can watch it later freely without internet.Video download is happens in the background when ever mobile is connected to internet and you will be notified once download is completed. 

This option currently not available for all the videos.We can configure the video size to be downloaded ,smaller size will be downloaded quickly.


When phone is connected to internet we will be able to see all the categories in YouTube but if the internet is not available  then we will see only offline categories.

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Tamilnadu Stamp Vendor Details Online

Tamilnadu Stamp Vendor Details Online
Stamp papers are used in many places like buying and selling properties,agreement etc. Stamp papers cannot sell by everybody only authorized person from govt can do this. Authorized persons called as stamp vendors. All the vendor details are maintained by govt of Tamilnadu. We can get the details by using below link.

Using above link we can verify the details of stamp vendors in tamilnadu.
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Colour Capturing Pen(Scribble Pen)

Colour Capturing Pen(Scribble Pen)
Scribble pen scans the colours of any object and immediately we can use that colour to draw or write. This pen can be used in either paper or digital screen.

Scribble Pen

How It Works:
             There is a RGB Sensor available in the pen to scan the colors of the object and stores the colors in the 1GB internal memory for the reuse.We can draw in 16 million different color combinations.This runs on battery,so it can be recharged.There are two types of scribble pen.

1.Scribble Ink Pen
2.Scribble Stylus Pen

Scribble Ink Pen can be used to draw on a paper and Scribble Stylus Pen can be used to draw on a digital devices(apple ios and android).Internet connection is not needed but bluetooth connection is needed for the transfer of colors.For Ink Pen we may need to refill the catridge once it is empty.

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How to find a fake account in facebook?

How to find a fake account in facebook?
Are you impressed in receiving a face book request from a girl or boy. Be aware many fake accounts are there in FB to cheat peoples. How to find them out?There are some ways to find out if a girl is real or not in face book.

1. Check their profile pictures  and photos they may not have more than one.
2. Check about section their details are clear or not
3. Check their friends list do they have up-normal number of count?

4. No one talk you adult information immediately without knowing about person, potentially that could be fake account.
5. They will divert you by saying some stories and get the money from you
6. Still your not convinced download the photo and go to google image search ( upload that photo and do a search. Now we will come know where they downloaded that photo.

These are the steps we could do to find a girl is real or not in Facebook.

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IRCTC Tatkal Booking Timing Changed

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Timing Changed
Indian railway changed the tatkal booking timings, Earlier tatkal booking used to  open at 10 am everyday.As per IRCTC this decision is made due to reduce the load from servers and increase high availability of sites for booking during peak time.

time change

As per new change for AC classes tatkal opens at 10 am and non AC classes ticket it opens at 11 am.This change effected from june 15 2015.Also agents cannot book first 30 mins when tatkal window opens.
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Govt rules for school timings in Tamilnadu

Govt rules for school timings in Tamilnadu
Govt of Tamilnadu defined the set rules and regulations for school education. School timings need to follow this standards and if not followed considered to be an violation.

Elementary and Middle Schools
1. Maximum working days per year: 220
2. School timings: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Higher Secondary Schools

1. Maximum working days per year: 200
2. School timings: 8.30 am to 5.00 pm(Urban) or 9.00 to 5.30 (Rural)

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Responsibility of school head master

Responsibility of school head master
Each school will have one head master and he is the primary in charge of planning and management of the school. He has following responsibilities.

1. Management and logistics required for school
2. Supervising teachers
3. Responsibility for giving good education to the student
4. Giving good environment for the student for studies
5.Approving leave for teachers
6.Conducting examinations
7. He can declare holiday to the school depends on the situation.

Each head masters will report to district education officer or President of the school.
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Ration stock details through SMS in Tamilnadu

Ration stock details through SMS in Tamilnadu
We will buy the ration from ration shop running by the govt of Tamilnadu but some times we may not know the stock is available or not. Some cases person who in charge of the shop may give wrong information and possibly he will sell outside. Govt offers new facility for us to check the availability of the stock through SMS. The Process is everyday shop in charge person send the closing balance information to server. We can check this balance from the server. We need shop code and district code to get this information.

Need to send SMS to  9789006492 or 9789005450 with following format.
PDS DistrictCode ShopCode  (ex:PDS 636 EA029)
This way we can get the stock information in ration shop and we need to keep in mind we are getting closing position of yesterday.

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Google chrome offline game

Google chrome offline game
Getting bored if internet connection is not working temporarily ? No worries we have in built game available in google chrome for time pass. When internet is not available and if we try to access some website we will get "Unable to connect to the internet" or "Webpage is not available " error message. We will see dinosaur icon.

Now press the "Space bar" key and we can see dinosaur is moving , We can use up and down arrow key to continue the game.
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Get duplicate aadhaar card through SMS

Get duplicate aadhaar card through SMS
No need to worry even if we missed our aadhaar card. We have an facility to get the duplicate copy of aadhaar card to our email id.We need to send an SMS to 51969 with following format. After sending sms we will receive soft copy of aadhar card to our email id.
UID EAADHAAR  Aadhaar number    email Id   PIN code 
Also we can directly download eaadhaar through
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How to know the destination while travelling in train?

How to know the destination while travelling in train?
People who are travelling may not know their destination or people who slept during their travel time, there is a possibility of missing the station. IRCTC introduced new facility to give a call to our mobile number. This call will come to us before 30 mins the train reaches the destination.

There are two option to set up the wake up calls
1. Setup through IVRS
2. Setup through by sending SMS


 We need to dial 139 and selection the option as 'Destination Alert' on the interactive voice response system.We need to provide PNR Number , system verifies the PNR number if its valid then we are done. We will get a call from IRCTC 30 mins before train arrives our destination

Option 2:
  We need to send an SMS to 139 with following format.


We will receive confirmation message after we send the message.Finally we will receive the call saying  "your station is arriving 30 minutes before destination ".
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Luxury and most costly trains in India

Luxury and most costly trains in India
In India we all know we prefer train travel because of the comfort level and obviously cost is much better than any other mode. Do we know there are some trains in India  which cost more than 1 lakh rupees. Yes below are the train names

1. Maharaja's Express (
2.Palace on wheels (
3.Royal Rajasthan(

Above trains are the luxury and costliest trains in India. In palace on wheels ticket per person is 2 lakh rupees.  
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