How To Debug JMeter Recorded Script?

We can use jmeter to do load test for  any application. In jmeter it is possible to capture browser actions and replay the same actions with number of threads we want with ramp up period.  But the problem is in some cases recorded script will not work as expected. We cant do the direct debug as like our application but we can trouble shoot with some points. Problem could be with way  you recorded the script or with jmeter core itself. How to find that?.
 There are some limitations in jmeter.:
  1. Jmeter cant perform all the actions done by the browser
2. Java scripts may not work completely in jmeter recorded scripts  

Possible Mistakes in Recorded Scripts
1. If we use browser based applications and it has user login then we must ensure HTTP Cookie Manager is added in the test plan.


2. In all browser based application Follow Redirects should be enabled in Workbench --> HTTP(S) Script Recorder 3. Make sure that unnecessary files are excluded in the script generated by the jmeter
4. Its good to keep minimum number of 404 error when jmeter download the contents. These are the debug steps we can do in jmeter if our recorded script is not working.


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