How to disable class code verification in eclipse using JVM argument?

Class verification is done when ever we execute the class file in java.Verification of class file is needed because it could be build in another system and we receive through internet. In internet any one can intercept your byte code and inject some malicious code in it.This will be impact to the system hence class file is verified before using it.  Verification of class process is happening when class loaded into JRE usually it takes some time. Classes would be loaded in lazy manner hence during the application start up might be little delayed or some unexpected errors. But if your running  your application local machine we don't have to verify byte code and this is not accepted in production system.  If class verification fails we will get below error.

    Expected stackmap frame at this location.
    0000000: 2b3a 042c 3a05 b201 432a 2a19 0419 05b8
    0000010: 0128 4eb8 00e8 2db6 00ec 2ab4 0004 2b2c
    0000020: b600 1c59 3a06 593a 07b8 00e8 2d19 07b6
    0000030: 00f6 1906 b03a 08b8 00e8 2d19 08b6 00fa
    0000040: 1908 bf                                
  Exception Handler Table:
    bci [19, 53] => handler: 53

Class file validation can be avoid by passing following JVM arguments in eclipse. Go to Project - > Build Path - > Configure Build Path. Click JRE or JDK -> Installed JRE. Dobule Click on JRE. In Default VM arguments pass '-noverify' click ok now.



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