How to Resolve Unable to Install BreakPoints Issue in Eclipse?

We all believe eclipse is a good IDE and its well matured product as well,But in some case we may encounter small glitch as well.  Some scenarios we may not be able to place debug points in editor and its keep giving errors like below.

Possible Reasons:
  1. May be your work place has lot of projects due to this eclipse is not able to generate class files correctly
 2. Make sure that your using stable version of eclipse.

  Possible Solutions to Fix:
  1.  Go to Project  -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Libraries Tab      Select a JDK instead of JRE
 2. Go to Window->Preferences->Java->Compiler  Uncheck the  checkbox "Add line number attributes"Click Apply -> Yes. After build over again Check the checkbox and Apply now.
 3. If your running the application in server like tomcat or jboss, clean your servers properly by right click on server -> Clean


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