How to enable troubleshooting in outlook

Troubleshooting in outlook is always easy if you have the logs in handy. Some times out look is disconnected or always saying trying to connect to the server but we may not aware what could be the problem. Also there are multiple issue like this.  In all such scenario we can enable trouble shooting option in outlook as like below

File --> Options ---> Advanced --- >Other --> Enabled Trouble shooting.

After this changed we may need to restart the outlook to make this change effect. Now on wards each activities of outlook will be logged. Please note enabling logs cause performance impact better to disable the logs after analysis. System will generate olkdisc.log in following location.



Fun things you can do on Internet for free

Internet has become an essential part of our every day life. You can do various fun things on internet for free. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Create your own face:
There are various websites by which you can make your own face. You just need to click on eyes,head,mouth and nose for choosing the combination of various features.

Reading funny reviews on Amazon:
There are many funny reviews on amazon. Reading these reviews can be a real fun.

Take the psychopath test:
There are a number of websites where you can take the psychology test. Believe it or not, it is a real fun.

Cartoon Yourself:
Turning your photo into a character can also be really funny. There are various websites which assist in turning your photo into a cartoon character. You need to upload your photo and select and effect and your cartoon character is ready.

Watch funny videos:
There are various videos were you can watch various funny videos. Apart from Youtube, you can also refer to Vine.co for watching these videos.

Play with Akinator:
Visit the website of akinator.com. Hit the play button after entering your age. Think of a popular character, may be a fictional or real character. You will asked a series of questions by Akinator which you need to reply with either Yes or No. With your answers, the akinator will be guessing the name of the person you have in mind.

Make a Wish:
Even websites can make your dream come true. Wishpush.com is such a website. You just need to watch the sky and then click on the star. Make a wish after that. As the star will fall down, the wishes come true.

Build Balls:
This is a tricky game where you need to fill two-third of the playing space with the balls you will be drawing with the mouse. There are two small bouncing balls in the game. Avoid them as it may result in spoiling the entire progress.

Listen To The Rain:
If you love the sound of the rain, you can visit the website Rainymood.com for listening to the same.

Chat with a Clever Bot:
Chat with a Clever Bot is another fun thing you can do on internet. You can chat with a bot on the website Cleverbot.com. Type any thought and you will get an answer. If you do not have any question to ask, you can click “Think for me” button. The system will select a random question and the reply will be given by the bot.


Switzerland Tourist Visa Document Check List

Swiss is a nice place to spent our vacation time. Tourist visa can be given in the range of 0 to 90 days depending on the conditions and policy. We can submit our visa application through their site www.vfsglobal.ch/switzerland/india. We need to get an appointment with them before go to them .  Appointment can be booked through online through their site. Visa will be given 5 to 10 working days after application is submitted.

Following Document are Required for Swiss Tourist Visa:

1.Fully Filled Visa application form
2. Original passport of the person who is travelling.
  Passport has several other conditions:
    i.   Passport issued date beyond 10 years will not be accepted
    ii. We need to carry all the passport we have multiple passports
    iii.  If the person is married with travelling  with spouse her name should be printed in
         the passport need to submit original marriage certificates.
    iv. At least two empty pages should there in the passport

3. Two recent passport size photo graphs, It can be matt finish or semi matt finish. Photo should cover 60-80 % of the face with white background and without border.
4. Flight ticket
5. If your going as a dependent like your husband or son is working or going along with them. We may need to submit their Flight ticket as well.
6.Proof of accommodation:We need to show the hotel reservation ticket or if your staying with husband who is already working there then no objection letter from that company. Note travel date and hotel reservation should match
7. Covering letter : This letter is addressed to Consulate General of Switzerland, Mumbai or Delhi. This should contains information about designation, passport number, purpose and duration of visit in brief.
8. Travel Insurance .
9. Some cases they will ask Last three monthly pay slip, Three years form 16. This is not compulsory but better to carry. .
10. Last three month bank statement(Try show minimum 1 lak rupess in account).
11. If your going in dependent visa then last three month of statement of other person as well .
12. School or college certificate
13. PAN Card
14 . Local address proof. 


Android apps that make your life easier

Apps have played a vital role in making life easier. Whether it is about listening music, browsing social media profiles, booking a cab, ordering food, android apps have contributed a lot. Here are some of the well popular apps that are found in every android phone:

 Do you have a habit of googling for new recipes? Handpick is an android app by which you can access recipes of several dishes at much ease.

Does Not Commute:
 Are you a game lover ? Does Not Commute is a game app which starts with a single car on the street. The goal of the game is that you need to drive from a point to another. This game is widely played by all android users.

 Studystorm is an educational app by which you can browse over 5000 video lectures in different subjects. With a very simple interface, students can use this app for studies.

 This app helps in scanning documents with the use of this app. This app also helps in turning images into text with OCR support, edit features and support cross platform.

ES File Explorer:
 ES File Explorer helps you in viewing the files. It also helps in connecting FTP, network drives. You can access all your files with the use of this app.

 It is a pseudo-cloud storage app that provides cross-platform support for both mobile and desktop devices. You can keep any note , write down ideas, missives with this app. This app also lets you creae to-do lists. The app also helps you in attaching images.

 IF by IFTT is a popular app for android that helps save contents. You can create various kinds of connections and save pictures, tweets, various ads with it.

Google Now:
 Google Now is another worth mentioning free android app that provides various information such as weather news. It also helps in managing things such as plane flight information. The app also allows you to acces information quickly by voice searching.

Google Now Launcher:
 With this app, you can put Google in the home screen so that you can access the browser quickly.

Google Play Music:
 Google Play Music is among the best android apps that helps you in uploading songs upto 50,000 to the cloud with the purpose of streaming on computer. It is a cross platform supported app which is based on web. You can also buy iTune music with the use of this app. This app also helps in backing up music.

Google Translate:
 Google Translate is one of the best apps for android  that can be used for translating 90 dialects. It also helps you in saving various translations and you can access them with the aid of this app.

Things you probably don't know you can do on whatsapp

Whastapp is widely used by people across the globe as it allows people to communicate easily. There are many things who can do with whatsapp and many of you are not aware of it.

Here is a list of all the things you probably don't know you can do on whatsapp:

Disabling the last seen:
The last Seen feature of whatsapp proved to a disaster as it went on to ruin relationships and friendships. Now it is possible to disable the last seen. You can do so by visiting the privacy where you can change the "Last Seen" to nobody.

Disabling those blue ticks:
Those blue ticks were another disaster of Whatsapp and yo can disable it. Go to Privacy section under Account in Settings. There is a box which reads Read Receipts. Uncheck the box for disabling those blue ticks.

Creating shortcuts for conversations:
 If you want to create shortcuts for talking to specific people, you can do so by pressing on their name for a long time. Select "Add Chat shortcut" for creating a short cut on the desktop of phone.

You can now view when your messages were read:
 Though the messages show a single tick, you can still know whether the receiver of message has read the message. To do so, long press of the message and as you select the Info option, you can see whether your message has been read.

Send a location to your friends:
 If you want to send your exact location to your friends, you can do so by sending your location via whatsapp.

Setting custom notification tones for various chats:
 You can set a custom notification tone by clicking on the options button at the top left of the chat. As you go to view contact/group info, go to custom notification for making the required changes.

Save your save your mobile data:
 Whatsapp now allows you to save mobile data as well. To enable the same, go to the Data usage section in the Settings. At the extreme bottom, you will find an option that reads low data usage. Check the box.

Tie whatsapp to your number:
You can bookmark the messages by long pressing them and then clicking on the star icon. When you want to find them again, you need to go to the settings and click on starred messages.

Using WhatsApp on internet browser:
 As you open the browser of WhatsApp Web page, a QR code will prompt. You need to go to Settings on your whatsapp account. Choose the option for Whatsapp Web after which scan the code . You can start chating now on your computer.

Replying to messages without opening the chat:
 To start with it, go to settings and click on notifications. You will get the pop up options. Choose the option "Always show popup". Now when a new messge will come, a pop up will appear and you can type in the reply in the pop up.

Movies banned by indian censor board

Bollywood  produce number of movies every year. Apart from the list of hit, average and successful movies, there are few movies that remain out of search as they get banned by the Censor Board. Here is a list of all those movies that has been banned by the Censor board Bandit Queen in 1994: The story of this Shekhar Kapur movie was based on the life of Phoolan Devi. The movie was banned by the Censor board as it contained abusive language and explicit sexual content.  Fire in 1996: This movie of Deepa Mehta gained wide recognition across the globe owing to its content. The lesbian relationship between two sisters-in-laws created controversy, thereby resulting the movie to get banned by the Censor Board. Kama Sutra in 1996: Kama Sutra - A Tale Of Love is based on the life of four lovers during the 16th century in India. The Censor Board declared the movie as immortal and unethical and banned it. Urf Professor in 2000: This movie of Pankaj Advani depicts the journey of a protagonist who hits a man's car and the chaos that happened after a winning lottery ticket went missing. The Censor Board banned the movie owing to the Bold language and vulgar scenes. The Pink Mirror in 2003: The Pink Mirror of Sridhar Rangayan is based on the conception of a gay teenager and two transsexuals. The Censor Board banned the film due to the vulgarity. Paanch in 2003: Paanch, directed by Anurag Kashyap was a movie with drug abuse, violence and crass language. Based on the Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders in 1997, the movie was banned by the Censor Board. Black Friday in 2004: This is another direction of Anurag Kashyap which was based on the Bombay blasts in 1993. Considering it to be very dark, the movie got banned.  Parzania in 2005: The movie was based on a boy named Azhar who went missing at the time of Gujarat riots in 2002. Though the fim even won a National Award, the movie got banned by the Censor Board. Water in 2005: This Deepa Mehta movie created controversies since it depicts the dark life of an Indian widow. The movie got banned by the Censor Board owing to issues like misogyny and ostracism. Gandu in 2010: The movie caused a lot of controversies for the nudity and oral sex scenes and hence got banned. Sins in 2005: Sins happens to be an erotic film that describes the journey of a Kerala priest who got sexually involved with a woman. The nude scenes and the story of the film did not go down well with the Censor Board. Firaaq in 2008: This is another film that got banned as it describes the riots of Gujarat. Unfreedom in 2015: The movie was banned because of the lovemaking scenes between two protagonists. Inshallah, Football in 2010: The movie was an attempt to bring out the problems that a civilian encounter owing to the militancy in the Kashmir valley. The movie was banned by the Censor Board.


Places in India where Indians are not allowed

India is a free and independent country. People can roam wherever they want at their own choice. However recently a few spots have been spotted in the country where the natives are not even allowed to enter.

Here is the list of all those places which are in India but do not allow the Indians inside :

Beaches in Goa that say “Foreigners Only”:
It is known to all that Goa is the most popular and exciting tourist destinations in the country. It is also counted to be among the well renowned honeymoon destination and a great place to enjoy even with your friends and families. Of the various places in Goa, the beaches are the prime attractions of the place. You can enjoy  relaxed and memorable time in these beaches. However there are a few beaches in India which are reserved exclusively for the foreigners. The beaches show open discrimination's against the natives of the country since they are not allowed to enter in all these places.

Uno-In Hotel in Bangalore:
Bangalore is the tech city of India and has a number of hotels. The wide number of corporate clients in India in association with Nippon infrastructure has built the Uno-In hotel in the city of Bangalore in 2012. This hotel is another place that stands as an epitome of discrimination and the entry of countrymen is strictyly prohibited in the place.

The "Foreigners Only" beaches in Pondicherry:
Like Goa, Pondicherry is another beautiful tourist destination in India. The beaches in the place adds to its beauty and attract a wide number of visitors every year. Like Goa, the place is known to have some beaches where only foreign tourists are allowed. The entry of Indians are strictly banned in all these beaches.

Free Kasol Cafe in Kasol:
Kasol is a well known name among the party places in the country. A number of tourists visit the place every year for enjoying to the fullest. There is this Free Kasol Cafe in the place where you can nter only if you have a foreign pass holder. It is an Israel Cafe where the entry of Indians are banned.

Broadlands Lodge in Chennai:
The Broadlands Lodge in Chennai is the home to the foreigner Nawab of Chennai. This hotel is known for serving only the Non Indians and one can enter the place only if they hold a foreigner passport.

Scientific reason for using turmeric

Turmeric, commonly known as Haldi is a traditional herb that is well known for ages for its wide number of healing properties. Turmeric has several other usages such as killing bacteria, removing bad smell, to name a few. It is also used for the treatment of various diseases and digestive issues.

Turmeric as Anti-Bacterial Agent:
Turmeric is known to be an excellent anti-bacterial agent. It also helps in healing wounds, small cuts, burns.

Turmeric as an Anti-Aging agent:
Turmeric has been used for generations as anti aging agent. Make a paste of turmeric, besan and raw milk and apply on skin. The paste is used for exfoliating the skin and provides a glow to the skin.

Turmeric for the treatment of Acne:
Turmeric is known to be one of the most effective treatments for acne. Make a turmeric paste and apply the same on the acne spots. Let the paste get dry and wash it with warm water. The inflammation and pain is reduced to a considerable amount with the aid of turmeric.

Turmeric for Scabies:
Scabies have become really common and results in reddish bumps and constant itching. Turmeric is also known for treating scabies. It along with garlic infused oil acts an antiseptic and kills the bacteria.  Any skin related disease can be treated perfectly with the aid of this mixture.

Turmeric Face Pack for Lightening the skin:
Turmeric is really effective in skin whitening. Mix turmeric powder along with lime juice and apply it on skin. Apply the mixture at least twice or thrice a week for lightening the skin.

Turmeric for treating acne blemishes:
Turmeric is known to be an excellent treatment for acne blemishes as well. Make a paste of turmeric and apply the same on the effected area daily. Using the paste on a regular basis helps in reducing the marks and results in glowing skin.

Turmeric For Skin Discoloration:
Skin discoloration can be treated more effectively with turmeric. Apply the paste of turmeric powder at least twice of thrice on a weekly basis to get the best results.

Turmeric to treat Body Odor:
Turmeric is known to be the best option to control body odor. Different kinds of body infections can be treated with turmeric. 

Controlling Facial Hair :
Turmeric also plays an integral role in reducing the growth of facial hair. Regular use of it can make a considerable difference.

Improves elasticity of skin:
Turmeric is known to have a wide number of antioxidants and hence it is considered to be great for aging skin. Turmeric is used for stimulating cell growth and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Crazy facts about North Korea

North Korea is known to be among the most repressive countries across the world during the reign of Kim Jong-Un. Here are some of the lesser known facts about the country :

Marijuana(Drug) is legal in the country of North Korea
While marijuana is considered illegal in other countries, surprisingly it is legal in this country.

There are no traffic lights in North Korea

It is said that most of the traffic lights have stopped working in this country. Hence the police of the country controls the traffic there.

The largest stadium of the world is in North Korea

North Korea is known to have the largest stadium across the world with more than 150,000 seats.

The year is 105 instead of 2016 in North Korea

The calendar of North Korea is based on the date of birth of Kim II -Sung. Hence it is 105 instead of 2016 in North Korea.

The whole family is punished for a single crime

Believe it or not, in this country, the entire family is punished for a person's crime. Thus the guilt's parents, children and even their grand parents are sent to prison to work with the person who committed the crime.

North Koreans specialize in Accordions

North Koreans are well renowned for playing Accordions. A number of citizens of this country are getting trained to play this instrument.

Film Director was kidnapped in Kim Jong-IL

A film director and his wife was kidnapped for directing North Korean films during the reign of Kim Jong - IL. The director however managed to esacpe after a number of years.

North Korea has their own version of "Godzilla" which is known as "Pulgasari"

As Kim Jon-II watched Godzilla, he made the directors of the film create a new movie called "Pulgasari" which is the master piece version Godzilla.

Kim Sung II is known as the Forever Leader

Kim II Sung is known to be the eternal leader for the country due to which even the country's calendar date is counted from his birthday.His heirs have however ruling the country after him.

North Korea has a literacy rate of 99 %

North Korea is one of the most literate states across the globe with a literacy rate of 99%

People have fun in this country in a pair of three

North Korea enjoys those fun rides in a pair of three.

The Tomb of Kim Jong II is one of the most poplar attractions of the country

The body of Kim Jong II is known to have been preserved in a glass tomb which is counted as one of the most popular attractions. Even tourists from different parts of the globe visit this tomb.

There are only three TV Channels in North Korea

Believe it or not, but the country has only three TV channels out of which only one is available at all times. The other two are available at just week ends.

Students have to pay for all basic things in school

Surprisingly, the students of this country need to pay for desks, chairs, heating fuel and every basic thing in school.

Most beautiful airports in India

Believe it or not, the Indian aviation industry is known to be the 9th largest aviation market across the globe. Almost every state of India has an airport which facilitate easy and convenient traveling by air. Some of the airports are beautiful and spectacular and steal the attention of every traveler visiting this airport. Here is list of all those international airports of India that allures the attraction of every traveler :

Sheikh Ul Alam International Airport in Srinagar:
Located in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, it is one of the most beautiful airports in the country of India. After several renovations of over bridges, terminal runways, the airport was inaugurated in the year of 2009.

Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport in Amritsar:
Situated in the Amritsar- Ajnala Road, Si Guru Ram Das Jee international airport is one of the largest airports in the region of Northern India, This airport happens to be the primary entrance of tourism in the state of Punjab.

Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi:
Apart from being counted among the busiest airports in the country of India, Delhi International airport is known for aviation hub. This is one of the most beautiful airports in the country.

Jaipur International Airport, Jaipur:
This international airport in Rajasthan is well loved for its spectacular view. With the huge number of international tourists, the airport is mesmerizing as it allures a number of tourists here.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad:
Along with four terminals, this is 8th busiest airports across the country. The airport has a fantastic view and is one of the most beautiful airports across the country.

Dabolim International Airport in Goa:
This airport is considered to be the hub for international tourists. Situated at a distance of 30 km from the capital city of Panaji, this is one of the busiest airports in India.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai:
This is among the busiest airports in the country of India. With five operating terminals, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is known to be among the main points to enter the country of India.

Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore:
This fourth busiest airport is known to be the most beautiful airport in the sub continent of India. The airport has been awarded as the best airport of India in the year of 2011.

Annadurai International Airport in Chennai:
Located in South India, Chennai international airport happens to be the second largest cargo hub in the country.

Trivandrum International Airport in Thiruvananthapuram:
This is the first airport of kerala and happens to be one of the most beautiful airports in India. Kerala has two other international airports which are Calicut International Airport and Cochin International Airport.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad
Apart from being among the most beautiful airport in the country, this airport is also known among the most beautiful airports across the world. This is also known to be among the busiest airports in the country.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata:
This is one of the most beautiful airports in the country of India. It is also the fifth busiest airport in India.


Scariest rides across the world

Are you fond of amusement parks ? Are you in love with thrilling rides ? Many people love and enjoy these amusing rides. If you are planning to go for these trips, here are the top ten rides that can scare you to death 

Cedar Point is known to be one of the most popular destinations for roller coaster riders. The place offers 17 varied kinds of roller coaster rides. Maverick is one of the best roller coaster rides. There is total trip duration of 2.5 minutes along with various twists and turns.

Located in Australia, this is the fourth fastest ride across the globe. With a speed of 100 miles per hour, the ride can take you to an eight equivalent to 38 story after which you are under a zero gravity drop. The drop takes a time period of 6.5 seconds.

This Superman Ride of Steel is one of the most scariest ride across the world. In this ride, you are dropped from 221 ft high into a tunnel. Exceeding at a super speed of 77 miles per hour, the ride is known for winning several awards.

This ride is known to be one of the largest roller coaster ride in the country of Europe. The ride takes you to alsmot 203 ft high along with a speed of 74 miles per hour. You feel as if you are flying and then you feel as if your weight is vanished all of a sudden.

In English, the name of this ride is "Hey, what the hell" ? This four dimensional coaster will offer a ride you will cherish for life time. The track of the ride has a height of 250 ft and it offers a view of Mount Fuji as well.

This scariest ride was built in United Kingdom in the year of 2002. The ride has a total number of ten inversions. The ride has too much spinning.

This is one of the mot scariest roller coaster across the globe. The ride takes to a height of 456 ft which is equivalent to a height of 35 story. With a speed of 128 miles per hour, the ride is accomplished with a time period of 3.5 seconds. There will be an experience of positive and negative gravitational force as you enjoy this ride.

The ride takes you to a height of 121 feet after which you drop at an angle of 97 degree. After the first drop, there is an inverted loop of 107 feet, followed by corkscrew roll, cobra element, air bored S- roll and then another corkscrew. The duration for these entire ride is just 85 seconds.

Extending around 64 ft in the Northern edge, the ride spins at a speed of 40 miles every hour. The ride is at a height of 900 ft from above the ground level. If you are scared of height, you should avoid being on this ride.

Built in the year of 2002, this is one of the four dimensional ride. The seat is known for rotating at 360 degree and the ride offers face down and headfirst drops.


Indian celebrities that became or about to become mothers in 2016

The joy of becoming parents is one of the best things that a couple experience post to their marriage. The child acts as a bridge to strengthen the relationship of a couple and thus is considered to be a symbol of the love and union of their parents. Here are some of the most popular celebrities that have become parents or are about to become parents in the year of 2016.

Genelia D’Souza:
The list starts with the cutest mother of the Bollywood industry. After the first child Rian, the couple is blessed with their second son Rahyl in 2016.

Mira Rajput:
Though she is not a Bollywood celebrity, after her marriage with Shahid kapoor, she has become the talk of B town. The beautiful wife of Shahid Kapoor is expecting her first child in the year.

Shreya Ghoshal:
This singer is expecting her first child with her husband. Though the singer is has not yet confirmed it, she was seen flaunting her baby bump at a public outing.

Geeta Basra:
Geeta Basra has been married to the Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh since October 2015. According to the reports, the couple is expecting their first child. She was seen at the IPL ceremony in a loose dress. Though the couple has not yet confirmed the reports, sources close to the couple has confirmed the news.

Rani Mukherjee:
Rani Mukherjee has acted in a number of hit films. The diva got married to Aditya Chopra in the year of 2014. The couple has become proud parents to the baby girl Adira in January this year.

Arpita Khan:
Arpita Khan is the sister of Salman Khan. She is married to Aayush Sharma. The couple has become parents to a baby boy in this month.

Ahana Deol:
Ahana Deol is the daughter of Dharmendra and Hema Mailini. Ahana got married to the Delhi based businessman Vaibhav Vora in the year of 2014. The couple is expecting their first child in the year of 2016.

Best places to eat Ramadan food in bangalore

 Ramadan happens to be the month for prayers, festival. The month also opens door for food lovers as a number of delicious dishes are prepared during iftari. A number of wonderful dishes are prepared which are being taken while breaking fast. Here are some of the best places where you can eat Ramadan food in the city of Bangalore :

Mosque Road in Frazer Town:
 Mosque Road in Frazer Town is one of the best places to eat Ramadan food in the city of Bangalore. The place attracts a number of food lovers. There are various food stalls that sells fried eggs, chicken dishes, Brazilian beef, mutton kheema and other delicious dishes. Paradise ki haleem is one of the most delicious dishes you can enjoy in this place.

Rahhams in Frazer Town:
 The place offers more than 31 tandoor cooked dishes. You can also enjoy various Kebabs in this place. The place also sells mutton, chicken and lamb meat in this place. Mutton biriyani is one of the tastiest dishes in the place.

Albert Bakery in Frazer Town:
Albert Bakery sells the best food during Ramadan. Bheja or goar brain puff happens to be the speciality of this place. You can also try Mutton samosas, dil khush and dry fruit cookies in this place.

Charminar Kabab Paradise:
 You must pay a visit to Charminar for enjoying Baida Roti during Ramadan. Baida Roti is a special delicacy which are prepared from dough stuffed with mutton. You can also enjoy mutton seekh roll and nizam rolls in this place.

Tilak Nagar:
Tilak nagar is one of the best places to have Ramadan delicacies. The place has more than dozen stalls and servces a wide variety of dishes which include paya curry, chicken kebabs, samosas, roasted ox tongue, Psta house haleem, pudding, paani Kum Chai.

Russel Street in Shivajinagar:
 Russel Street in Shivajinagar is known to be one of the oldest iftar points in the city. The place is well renowned for phaals, seeks, Butter Chicken, Gurda Masala, biriyani, mutton korma, sheekj pal kebab, camel meat kebab.

Stalls at Empire Street in Koramangala:
The street in front of Empire restaurant in the region of Koramangala is yet another iftari destination during Ramadan. Some of the delicacies of this place include rumali rotis, seek kebabs, parathas.

Fanoos in Richmond Town:
 Rolls of Fannos are the tastiest delicacies during the Ramadan. You can enjoy Sheek rolls, mutton sheek jumbo roll, beef sheek rolls in this place.

Rahamat Nagar:
 This is one of the most popular food destinations during Ramadan. You can enjoy samosas, kebabs, grilled meat wafts in this place.

J C Nagar:
 You can enjoy Kebabs and other delicious food during Ramadan time at this place.

National awards given by govt of india

The citizens of a country plays a vital role in making their country a better place to live in. Whether they are making movies or are dedicating their lives for the cause of the nation,  India provides dignity and respect to the valuable citizens of India. A number of awards are being provided to these citizens. Some of them include Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Param Vir Chakra, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Ashok Chakra, Arjun Award and Dada Shaheb Phalke Awards.

Bharat Ratna :
Bharat Ratna is offered to the citizens of India for their services or performance of best order. This civilian award is provided without any difference in race, sex, occupation, color. The Prime Minister sends recommendations for this award to the President where three people are being nominated for this award every year. A Certificate along with a medallion of peepal leaf shape is given to the person who wins the award by the president of India.

Padma Vibhushan:
Padma Vibhushan is known to be the second highest civilian award in India which is given to the citizen without any distinction of position, race, sex and occupation. The award is generally given for exceptional and distinguished services for the country. The criteria for award in the fields involve Government servants , scientists, doctors. However the award excludes the citizens that work in public sector undertakings.

Param Vir Chakra:
This award is dedicated to the citizens associated with military service. The award is given for the highest degree of self sacrifice for the country. This is the highest award for Gallantry decoration which is being given for exceptional determination, courage. People receiving this award has stood up bravely in the presence of enemy in air, sea and land. The award is being given to the soldiers, officers and various personnel from different branches of Indian armed forces.

Padma Shri:
Padamashree or the padma Shri is considered to be the fourth highest civilian award in India. The announcement of this award is made every year on 26th January that is on the Republic Day. The award is being given to the citizens of India who have contributed immensely in various activities which include Arts, Public Affairs, Literature, Sports, Science, Education, Social Services.

Padma Bhushan:
This third highest civilian award is announced on republic day every year. The award is given at the function which is being held at Rashtrapati Bhavan by the president of the country. The award is given for exceptional services in any field for their country.

Ashok Chakra:
The Ashoka Chakra is the highest peacetime military decoration which is being given for self sacrifice or exceptional courage in the battle field. The award is being given to the citizen for the bravery and service for the nation.

Arjun Award:
This award is given by the Ministry of Young Affairs and Sports. The award is given to the citizens for their exceptional and highest achievement in National Sports.

Dada Shaheb Phalke Awards:
This is the highest award in cinemas. The award is being given by the Director of Film Festivals at the National Film Award ceremony every year. The award is dedicated to the person who has exceptionally contributed for the growth and development of Indian cinema.


Woman helpline number in india

Women's  harassment are increased now a days. To reduce this crime and punish the persons govt introduced new help line numbers. All kind of harassment we can register case here.


How the system working is when we call is received call center acknowledge the call and act on it. Depending on the case they will do immediate action or they will redirect to local police station .


Plan a vacation to Wayanad and enjoy an exciting trip

Situated in the North Eastern district of the state of Kerala, Wayanad is one of the most popular holiday destination in the state. Also known as the district with the least population, the region is situated in the mountains of Western Ghats. Previously the region was popular in the name of ayakshetra after which it was renamed as Mayanad. Finally the region was named as Wayanad. The region is situated 76 km from the sea of Kozhikode. The region covers an extensive area of 2132 km, the hill station has a rainfall of 2322 mm in the areas of Meppadi, Lakkidi and Vythiri. The region is a great place for those who love wildlife , trekking and greenery.


Places to visit in Wayanad:

Chembra Peak:
 Located at an altitude of 2100 meters, this peak is located near the region of Meppadi , situated in the south Wayanad. Chembra Peak is considered to be one of the tallest peaks in the district. A number of people visit this hill station for a trekking in this peak. Climbing up and down this peak takes an entire day.

 Located at a height of 1700 meters, this region is situated in the deep forests of Brahmagiri hills. This region has very deep caves which consists of different species of animals, birds. The greenery of this cave is loved by tourists visiting this place. You can start from Thirunelli and trek 7 km via the forests.

 The region is situated in the south eastern region of the hill station of Wayanad. The region is well loved by people for a wide variety of trekking options for which a number of tourists visit this place.

Meenmutty waterfalls:
 This falls is located at a close proximity to Neelimala and is considered to be the largest fall in the hill station. You can reach this waterfall by trekking 2 km from the main road which connects Wayanad and the hill station of Ooty.

Banasura Sagar Dam:
 Situated in the South Western region of the hill station of Wayanad, this dam is known to be the largest dam in the country. The region is famous for coffee, honey, spices, tea, herbal plantations and crafted bamboo products. The dam is located at a close proximity to Karalad Lake and offers a wide variety of enchanting views.

How to reach Wayanad:

You can take air, road and train routes for reaching the hill station of Wayanad.

Via Flight:
 You can take a flight from kozhikode airport which is situated 25 km away from the center of the hill station. You can take flights from the cities of Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Chennai and Coimbatore.

Via Road:
 The region is well connected with various regions of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore. You can reach the destination at ease from various other districts of Kerala.

Via Railway:
 The hill station is also well linked with Chennai, Ernakulam Thiruvanathapuram, Mangalore,Mumbai,Coimbatore and Goa. You can book a ticket for Kozhikode railway station for reaching Wayanad.

Know more about zika virus

Zika virus is a flavi virus which is born from mosquitoes. The virus was identified in the year of 1947 in the country of Uganda. The virus was identified in monkeys at first as yellow fever was monitored in them. The diseases caused by this virus was later on found in America, Africa and Pacific. The disease of Zika virus is transmitted via Aedes mosquito. People having this disease have symptoms which involves headache, mild fever, joint pain, muscle pain, rashes in skin, conjunctivitis. The symptoms of the disease can be found in a person for a time period of 2-7 days.Scientific studies reveal that Guillain-Barré syndrome and microscopically are the causes of this virus.

Symptoms of the disease:
The time period from exposure to symptoms of this disease has not ye been clear but is usually visible within  few days. Symptoms that have been found in people suffering from this disease include headache, dengue, skin rashes, fever, conjunctivitis, joint pain, malaise and muscle pain. These symptom usually lasts for 2-7 days in a person.

Transmission of the disease:
The virus is usually transmitted to human beings via the Aedes genus infected mosquitoes. As the mosquitoes bite people the disease gets transmitted. These mosquitoes generally bite at day time, more often in the early morning and sometimes even in late evening or afternoon. The transmitter of the disease are the mosquitoes that transmits yellow fever, dengu. Other transmission processes of this disease includes blood transfusion and blood transfusion.

Diagnosis of the disease:
The disease is generally suspected on the basis of symptoms. The disease is usually diagnosed through the laboratory tests from blood samples or other fluids from body which may include semen, urine and saliva.

Prevention of the disease:
The protection against the mosquitoes is one of the most essential measures for preventing this disease. Hence if people around you are getting more affected by this disease, you should use light colored clothes, covering most of your body parts. You should close windows and doors properly to prevent the mosquitoes from entering your home. You should use mosquito nets and various mosquito repelling medicines to keep these insects away from your home. You should also ensure that buckets, pots, gutters and drums should not have water clot, thereby preventing the disease.

Sexual Transmission:
It has been noticed in several countries that this disease can occur via sexual transmission. For ensuring that the infection does not attack via sexual transmission, it is better to go for safe sex or refrain from the same for 8 weeks after the attack. If you are planning for a child, you should wait at least for 8 months after getting infected by the zika virus.


Different ways of creating object in java

There are different way we can create objects in Java. Let us say i have sample class Test defined as below.

Class Test{
private int count=0;

1.  Using new Operator:
With new operator we are calling default constructor of class to create the Object. Once object is created reference is return back to obj variable.

 Test obj = new Test();

2.Dynamic Class loading:
. In this method object created during the run time dynamically. We are using Class to archive this. Best example for this is database driver class which we used to load during run time.  Class is a class and forName is static method in this class.This method throws class not found exception.


3. Assiging a reference to another variable:
In this method object is created in the first method once object is created we can assign that reference to another variable.

  Test obj = new Test();   Test obj1 = obj;

4. Cloning:
Cloning is an copy of an object,this created one more reference but both the references are pointing to the same object.
   Test obj = new Test();  Test clone = obj.clone();

5. Deserilization:
We can serialize the object by converting into bytes and write using ObjectOutputStream to a file. If we deserialize from file we will be able to retrieve back the object.

ileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("Test.ser");
ObjectOutputStream ois = new ObjectOutputStream(fis);
Test si = (studentinfo)ois.readObject();
6.Using Reflection:

We can create object using reflection as well. There are two options to create an object using reflection.
  Constructor[] cons = Console.class.getDeclaredConstructors();
Console c = (Console)cons.newInstance();


Best place to work in india

Work place is our second home as we spent a long time of our day in the work place. There are a number of companies that provide a wide number of facilities to the employees, beside a quality working environment. Here is a list of the companies that are considered to be the best place to work  in india.

Based in Delhi, RMSI is one of the best IT firms to work for in India. With 842 employees, the company provides services of information technology in the fields of risk, wireless communications, agriculture and insurance.

With a strength of 1678 employees, Google India is one of the best companies to work for in India. Google Inc has its office in Hyderabad.

American Express India:
 American Express is a New York based company and is also known as Amex. With a strength of 9036 employees all over the country of India, the company has branches in New Delhi and Gurgaon. The company provides operational services in credit card and back office.

Marriott Hotels India:
Marriott Hotels has hotels across various cities in India. With an employee count of 6500 people, the hotel chain has its first branch in the year 1999 in Goa.

Intuit Technology Services:
Intuit is a subsidiary of Intuit Inc. Based in United States. The company has an employee count of 806.

Accor Hotels:
Accor has its hotels in the country of France and has an employee count of 3690 employees. Headquartered in Paris, the company is operating in more than 92 countries.

GCPL or Godrej Consumer Products Ltd:
GCPL is a Mumbai based company and has gained popularity in the fields of soaps, liquid detergents,toiletries. The company has employed more than 2228 employees and is one of the best employee friendly companies in India.

SAP Labs:
SAP has offices in the cities of Gurgaon,Bangalore and Pune. The company is known to be the dream company of every Indian.

Lifestyle International:
Lifestyle has outlets in 26 different cities in India and has an employee count of 10,820 employees.

 Forbes Marshall:
 Forbes Marshall is a Pune based company and has an employee count of 1417 people. The company provides services of energy conservation and engineering and has four manufacturing plants in India.

How to get more interview calls

Are you looking for a job? Are you planning to change job? Competition has increased too much in these days and you should adopt various means so that you can get more interview calls. The job ratio has become 3:4 job seekers to the openings for job. Thus there are almost no jobs available for two out of every three employees. Here are few ways by which you can avail more interview calls. 

Recruiters are selecting the resume based on the keywords in the resume.Keywords are all relevant words in various different technology used,language used,domain,tools name, techniques used.

Profile Heading in Job Portel:
 Make sure that proper profile heading is given in job portel. Since consultancy or company will come across many resumes, this will help us to sort the resumes quickly .for example FRESHER/2016/ECE/JAVA.

The right Resume
Resume plays a vital role in getting you more interview calls. A number of job portals have come up in these days where there is lot of job listing. It is mandate that you should upload your resume in these job portals on a regular basis. You should also update your resume frequently to ensure continuous calls from the recruiters. You should also ensure at the same time that all your key skills should be mentioned in the first page of your resume. You are going to miss out a number of calls if your key skills are in the second or third page of resume. Also while mailing your resume to the recruitment department, write your skills and experience in the subject line of the email. This increases the interest of recruiters in your profile.

Never ask for too much salary
While sending your resume to the recruitment team, you should ensure that you demand the salary in accordance with industry standards. Asking too much hike can be the reason for missing out interview calls.

Do not apply to the irrelevant job openings
Go through the job descriptions and if you feel that you are fit for the job on the basis of experiences, skills, you can apply to these jobs. However if the jobs are not relevant, you should not waste too much of your time to apply to these jobs.

Check the postings for similar jobs
You can look into the various job portals for all the jobs that are similar to your skills, experience. You can then email your resume to the recruitment tdepartment explaining your skills, experience, achievements.

Get More Referrals
Referrals can increase the chances of getting more calls. If you have a friend or relative working in the company, you can ask them to refer you. Your chances of getting through the job increases by upto 50 % once you get a referral.

Use the Backdoor
First you need to know the location and title of the job. Then you can browse through Google or LinkedIn for finding the department head or hiring manager. You can call them and ask them to refer you for the specific job role.

A different resume
A resume plays a vital role in getting you more interview calls. You should have a resume written by professionals where your skills, achievements, qualification, experiences should be mentioned in a proper way.

Be a contender
While sending your resume to the company, you can provide a link of a website or video that validates your skills and experiences. You can also state your accomplishments and achievements in your resume which helps you to get more interview calls.

Prepare a video resume
Video Resumes can create a better impression on the recruiters in comparison to the traditional ones. This helps the recruiter to have a better understanding of your profile.

Customize the emails
While applying for interview, it is recommended to include a brief description of your technical skills. This helps the company to have a better understanding of your profile. Thus the chances of getting interview calls increases much faster.