Fake interview calls from jobsites

Now a days fake information are there every where, Recently my friend got a call and they were claiming they called from one of the famous job site.  They told they will have opening with some big clients and pay will be very good. This is paid service we need to pay 3000 RS through online.  In order to pay money they will send us the link. This is completely fraud we should not even talk to those guys.

They were trying to steel the money from job seekers. We can find them easily by the way they talk.
Also following points to be noted for job seekers.

1. Big Job Sites (Naukri,Monster) are free,though they have premium concept they don't call and ask to pay the money.
2. Any big sites payment will happen only through their site not by giving separate link.
3. We can clearly observe these guys will not ask anything about technical stack , they will only talk about salary part, which most of us interested in.
4. They will always use same companies name again and again.

These are the points can be noted to stay away from these fake calls. Recently my friend received fake call from below number



Shortcut to Open Network and Sharing Center

To open "Network and Sharing Center" we can use 2 type of ways. One is directly access the icon and another way is running shortcut.
     We need to type ncpa.cpl in run prompt as like below.



How to convert CRT file to JKS file

CRT is a digital certificates which is used for securing the systems. Conversion is required in some case because each system uses different format of certificates. Now here we are going to see how to convert crt file into java key store file.

Step 1 :
First we need to create the jks file called myfile.jks with the password of jkspassword. We can achieve this by executing below command.After executing below command it will prompt for multiple questions about country,city etc.We need to provide all the relevant information to generate the file.

keytool -genkey -alias temp -keystore myfile.jks -storepass jkspassword

Step 2 :
Delete the any unwanted entries in the jks file by executing below command. This is need there could be a possibility of some spaces in the file

keytool -delete -alias temp -keystore myfile.jks -storepass jkspassword

Step 3 :
Now we need to import the crt file into jks file as like below.

keytool -import -alias -file test.com.crt -keypass keypass -keystore myfile.jks -storepass jkspassword

Now we are done with converting .crt file to .jks file.

Speed Post Tracking in India

Postal department of India provided a facility to track speed post online.Please provide your tracking number below and click the track button to get the details of the post.

Select Type :

Enter Speed Post Tracking Number :


Details of Seventh Pay Commission In India

The Union Cabinet has passed the proposals of the Seventh Pay Commission on pay and pensions that will help to improve consumption by providing the chance to put extra disposable in the hands of the 5.3 million pensioners and 4.7 million employees of the Central Govt. As per the new proposal, the hike is 2.5 times in the pension and the basic than the previous structure. The existing dearness payment will be combined with the basic pay.

What were the mottos of the seventh pay commission?
Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has addressed the impact of the decision as “a mixed bag” explaining that this pay commission will be successful to restore the demand in a stressed economy of the nation but it could also lead to price rise. However, the Cabinet will propose a review of the allowances. A committee directed by    Ashok Lavasa, the Finance Secretary will look after the proposals considering the antipathy of a number of employees over the suggestion to cut four allowances.

What’s new in this pay commission?

The pay panel has submitted 36 new allowances and has abolished 52 allowances in this 7th pay commission.
As per the recommendations, this pay commission has increased 23.5% in pay, allowances, and pensions. It has envisioned Rs 39,100 crore increase in pay, Rs 29,300 crore increase in allowances and Rs 33,700 crore increase in pensions that will result in an annual increment of Rs 1.02 lakh crore.

The minimum pay of the government employees is set at Rs 18,000 per month that is more than double of the previous pay, Rs 7,000. The maximum pay has set to Rs 2, 25,000 per month for top scales and Rs 2, 50,000 per month for cabinet secretary and others.

Another important decision of the 7th pay commission is that Rs 73, 650 crores of the total expenses will be borne by the General budget and the Railway budget will bear Rs 28,450 crore.
These recommendations have increased the expenditure of the government but there are another issue too like inflation has raised its head by the time after the implementation of the pay commission.