Easy way to check PF balance

We got a good news for salaried employees.Govt of India provided a new facility for citizens to check their PF balance by giving an missed call.We need to make a call from registered mobile number.This facility not only gives you the PF balance,also it will help you to get our UAN number as well. So in case if we forget UAN number we can use this option to get it back.


Online food order in train

In IRCTC we have the facility of online food order,SMS or through mobile app.

Option 1:
IRCTC provided site to order a food. We order a food by visiting www.ecatering.irctc.co.in
Vendor and menu option will be differ based  on the station. There are three possibilities to select the menu

1. By Giving station name/station code
2.By Giving PNR number
3.By Giving Train name/Train number

We should give valid PNR number to checkout and confirm order.

Option 2:
We can use registered mobile number to book the orders.We can send an SMS with following format to 139

We call and book manually by calling toll free number 1323

Option 3:
We can book orders through IRCTC mobile app. Application name is "Food on Track".

For all these options we can make online payment.The ordered meals will be delivered to the berth.


Command to check UTC time in Unix/Solaris

Date command is used to check the current date and time. This time will be displayed in current time zone. We can pass some extra parameter to find the UTC time. We can use below command to check the time in UTC format

date -u


Survivor Ratio - Heap Tuning Settings

Heap tuning is  very important and interesting concept. There are several levels and many parameters part of this exercise.Now we are going to discuss about survivor ratio.

Survivor Ratio specifies how large Eden should be sized relative to one of the two survivor spaces.if the survivor ratio is 6 then Eden space 6 times greater than the survivor space which is 1:6.
Allocating enough amount of memory in survivor spaces is very important for good performance.If survivor spaces are too small,when GC happens it may overflows directly into the old generation.If survivor spaces is too large we wasting lot memory.

Setting up the SurvivorRatio can be done through the JVM argument -XX:SurvivorRatio=6. For Example we have 2048 MB of young generation memory as per the above survivor ratio it will divided as follows

Total Memory=2048
Total Segments=8(2 survivors + 6 times of Eden as per survivor ratio)
Memory per segment=256 (2048/8)
Survivour 1= 256 MB
Survivour 2= 256 MB
Eden= 1536 MB


Dynamic values in property File

In java based application most of the times we externalize the constant messages through property files.This property file working in the concept of key value pairs.
There could be a scenario to pass dynamic values in property values. Lets see how can we do that?

First we need to add the place holders in property file. Content of myfile property file looks like below

loginMessage=Welcome {0} your now in {1}

We added two place holders in message above and we can add many place holders based on the requirement. Later this place holders will be replaced with dynamic values. Now i wanted to replace {0} with Raj and {1} with india.

import java.io.File;
import java.io.FileInputStream;
import java.text.MessageFormat;
import java.util.Properties;

public class Test {

   * @param args
  public static void main(String[] args) {
      Properties props = new Properties();
      FileInputStream stream=new FileInputStream(new File("F://myfile.properties"));
      String message = props.getProperty("loginMessage");
      String welcome = MessageFormat.format(message, "Raj","India");
      }catch(Exception e){


Final output:
Welcome Raj your now in India


How To Find Organic Fruits/Vegetables

In modern world food causes many problems and cause for many diseases. Most of the food items grown by chemicals and fertilizers.Its really essential to know what kind of food we are having and how those foods are grown. So turn back to organic food items to resolve these problems.

While buying we have to find organic fruits/vegetables.So to find that, IFPS had introduced the PLU code(ie price look up code). Using PLU code we can identify the organic production. PLU code contains 4 and 5 digit code.We can see PLU code label stick on the fruits as like below.


i.   4 digit code starts with 3 or 4 represents conventionally growth 
ii.  5 digit number starts with 9 means organic  
iii. 5 digit number starts with 8 mean genetically modified 


Fancy numbers for vehicles in karnataka

Govt of Karnataka introduced the features to the vehicle owners to avail the fancy numbers for their vehicle. This service comes under paid service, we may need to pay depending on the numbers we select. This option is available in across all RTO offices in Karnataka.We can verify the fancy numbers from below link

We need to input RTO to see the options ,there are three options available

  • Select the numbers from current series,this can be allotted by RTO
  • Selected numbers beyond 1000 from current series then commissioner  has to to approve this
  • Selected number is future series
Based on our selection we can avail  the numbers.