2018 Karnataka govt holiday list

The following list of the holidays sanctioned by the Government of Karnataka for the year 2018.Good news is that most of the holidays falling on weekdays

Public HolidaysDateDay
Sankranthi Festival15-01-2018Monday
Republic Day26-01-2018Friday
Maha Shivaratri13-02-2018Tuesday
Mahaveera Jayanthi29-03-2018Thursday
Good Friday30-03-2018Friday
Basava Jayanthil8-04-20l8Wednesday
May Day01-05-2018Tuesday
lndependence day15-08-2018Wednesday
Varasiddhi Vinayaka13-09-2018Thursday
Moharam21-09-2018 Friday
Gandhi Jayanthi02-10-2018Tuesday
Mahalaya Amavasye08-10-2018Monday
Maha Navami, Ayudhapooja18-10-2018Thursday
Valmiki Jayanthi24-10-2018Wednesday
Kannada Rajyothsava01-11-2018Thursday
Naraka Chaturdashi06-11-2018Tuesday
Balipadyami, Deepavali08-11-2018Thursday
Kanakadasa Jayanthi26-11-2018Monday

Oriental Insurance complaint email

We might have encounter issues many times during online policy renewal in oriental insurance . In such cases they have 24/7 contact number to report the issue. Alternatively we can send an email to below numbers to escalate our query.

 1800118485 (Toll Free)
 01133208485(Non Toll Free)


Oriental Insurance 24/7 helpline number

Orientalinsurance is one the best insurance provider in India. This unit works very actively to address customer complaints and issues. As part improving customer experience OICL introduced 24/7 helpline number.

 1800118485 (Toll Free)
 01133208485(Non Toll Free)


Oriental insurance contact numbers helping customers to improve their experience and resolving the issues.


What is UPI payment,How it works in Android mobile?

UPI payment option enables us send/receive money using smart phone without remembering the bank details in a secured way.This option eliminating concept of remembering  recipients bank account number,IFSC code etc..Let us see how this is works.

UPI payment works with the concept of Virtual payment address( like IP address in the computer). Each account account has to generate unique VPA address. This code is generated by any UPI mobile application. Once code is generated,This code has to be linked with our bank account.  In order to link with bank account we need to send an message to bank from registered mobile number for that account.  Bank confirm it back after OTP confirmation.


Once VPA is confirmed by the bank we can transfer/receive the money from any accounts easily.UPI payment can be done using VPA id or scanning the QR code of the VPA account.

How it is secured?
Any UPI application comes with two factor authentication. One password is to open the application and another one is transaction password. Both the passwords are random and configured by us.

What is the Advantage of this method?

  • Send/receive money can be done 24/7 . No need to worry about NEFT cut off time
  • We can send money to any bank instantly. We don't have to worry about payee registration process and Intra bank delays. 
  • Payment can be done to any merchant who having UPI account
  • Simple to use
  • Safe
Some of the UPI application:

There are many applications created to do UPI payment. Even banks also has its own UPI applications.Some of them are


Redmi 5A released at RS 4999

China mobile company Xiaomi introduced various android phone in Indian market. Recently they introduced new mobile Redmi  5A low budget android phone to cover all categories of the peoples.
This mobile is very slim and handy. This mobile is fully loaded with all important features. Salient features of this mobiles are

  •   5 Inch screen
  • 1.4 gz Qualcomm processor
  • 5 MP Front camera
  • 13 MP back side camera
  • 3000 MAH battery
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB Memory
This going to release on December 7th.Actual price of the mobile defined as 5,999 but as instructional offer they giving at 4999.This mobile is produced under the scheme of make in India.
Redmi 5A will be going to cover the low budget android phone market in India.

Click on the below link to book your best android Redmi 5A phone. 


Bangalore water supply(BWSSB) 24/7 helpline numbers

Bangalore water supply and sewerage board(bwssb) is one the biggest unit entity in Karnataka government. This unit works very actively to address customer complaints and issues. As part improving customer experience bwssb introduced 24/7 helpline number.

  8762228888 (Whatsapp)


BWSSB also takes complaints through whatsapp(8762228888). Also these complaints can be tracked through online


மரக்கன்றுகளின் விலை நிலவரம்-தமிழ்நாடு

No need to go to private nurseries to buy tree saplings. Many of us spending more money on buying tree saplings in private nurseries . Govt of Tamil Nadu has its own nursery in each district to provide saplings in low price to the farmers. All kind of tree saplings can get from these nurseries ,If we want more number of trees we have to book them in advance. Click on the below  link to see price list of various trees from Mettupalayam forest research Nursery.

Trees price list in tamilnadu

Price of tree saplings price may slightly vary based on the time. We can go to these nurseries and buy saplings easily.


Indian former's - toll free helpline number

Indian agriculture department introduced call center number to guide former's. This is toll free number and this can be used to get the guidance regarding the agriculture.  This center provided information in all Indian language, We can speak with specialist in our own language and clarified the doubts.


Agriculture ministry introduced toll free numbers for former's. This service is operation between 9 AM-9 PM during working days.


Ramani kids hospital in pai layout bangalore

Near Tin factory and Udaya i did not find many hospitals for kids. There are some kids hospitals which is good in those area. One among them is Ramani kids health hospital in pai layout near  NAINA's backery.

Doctors is spending good amount of time with kids to understand their problem better. He prescribe medicine only if really necessary. He also dont prefer to suggest high dose medicine. Actually this hospital was suggested by my friend and it was good to me as well.

We can book an appointment before go there.Find the below details of hospitals

NO: 355,
14th A Cross Rd,
Pai Layout,
Near Tin Factory,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016

PH:080884 26095
Timings: 9 AM-12 PM , 6 PM-9 PM


How to enable query logging in MYSQL database

Performance tuning can happen at many levels and one among them is tuning in database level. We need to know what are the queries are executing in database. This can be done in application level  by logging the query but this is inbuilt feature in database. We just need to enable it and it will log all the queries fired by the application. We have table called general_log table where queries are stored. We need to enable as like below and by default it will not be enabled.

set global general_log=1;

Logging is enabled, Now we need to mentioned the destination where logging has to go.. We can redirect into file or table. We can set the destination using below query.

set global log_output='TABLE' ;

We are done now. All the queries executing in MYSQL will be captured and logged in a table. We query general_log_table to see the list of queries executing.

select * from mysql.general_log


First female Indian lawyer

In past, educations are restricted to Indian women and going higher studies are dream for them.Even those period after many struggles some of the women get graduated like Cornelia Sorabji. She is the first ever female lawyer in India.

She also hold  two more  special honors that are she is first female graduate in Mumbai university and first lady who finished law in oxford university.


Emergency contact numbers in IRCTC

Train is everybody's preferred mode of travel because of affordable rates and comfortable way of travel with family.But crimes also increased in trains,especially during night travel. Indian railway has announced emergency contact numbers ,once customer dial this number immediately in the next station we can get the help.

24/7 Toll Free number1512
Secondary number9962500500

Railway police help line number can be used to file any complaints related to railway's.

Save Child- Help line number for kids

Crime against children's are increased now a days. There are many ways crimes are enforced against kids,we need to strong punishment against these cases. We have child line system which helps and saves the kids.This is 24/7 toll free number
24/7 Toll Free number1098


Ragging helpline numbers in india

Do you know ragging is crime in India. In college's generally seniors used to start teasing the junior's by the name of ragging. In the past many innocent people's are suffered because of this ragging , even many of young students lost their life because of this.

  Peoples was aware about this ragging  but they start seeing as crime after murder of pon navarasu case in Tamilnadu.As per the guide line from Honorable Suprme Court 24/7 ragging helpline number is announced. This number works across India. Any ragging complaints can be registered here.

24/7 Toll Free number1800-180-5522

Idea of this institution is eliminate the human right violation by the name of ragging. More details can be found in http://antiragging.in


Why star symbol appeared in android phones

Many of us use android phones and some cases we could have noticed star symbol will be appeared in top as like below.

    This symbol indicates that priority calling is set and when ever call comes we will not get the ring sound. This is similar to silent profile. This can be enabled/disabled as like below in Motorola mobiles. Click on the volume button to increase/decrease. Now click on priority and we can see star appearing in the top and if we wanted to remove select in All instead of priority.


Simple steps to link aadhaar number with mobile number

Govt issued an order every body has to link their aadhar card with mobile number. This process is very simple and we can link it very quickly but most of the mobile service providers are not giving this option in online. We need to walk to their outlet and with in two minutes process will be finished.

We just need to share aadhar number and mobile number . They have biometiric scanner to scan our finger print ,once finger print is given they get the details instantly and very with details we shared.

Process as follows:

  • Visit any nearby mobile outlets(Vodafone,Aircel,Airtel)
  • Share aadhaar number with the representatives along with mobile number
  • Give your finger print for biometric verfication
  • Once details are matched with what we proviceded then we are done


Virtual IP configuration in Tomcat

In some cases we may be running more than one tomcat instance on the same server. Each tomcat instance can be running in different ports.Applications deployed in each tomcat can be accessed using IP and port.  General structure of DNS mapping as below.


Now problem comes when we need to configure different DNS names for each tomcat instance running on the same machine. This requirement can be achieved through virtual IP configuration in the machine. We need to configure three virtual IP for the same physical machine and DNS names needs to be configured for those virtual IP's .

Now we configured DNS for each virtual IP and tomcat instance needs to run  specific IP in order to work as expected . We need to change tomcat connector configurations as below.

<Connector port="443" address="" protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol" SSLEnabled="true"
         maxThreads="150" scheme="https" secure="true"
 compression="on" />

Binding address in tomcat configuration says that this particular tomcat is running with this virtual IP. We can use port as 443 for all three instance since each server is binded with IP address,So the combination of IP and port should be unique.


Coimbatore city police whatsapp helpline number

Technology helping people to connect it very quickly. Coimbatore city police recently introduced whatsapp help line number to the public. People can raise their concern and issues through this helpline number.



First sound(voice) film india

Indian cinema industry has long evaluation,Initially movies are released without voice.First movie was released in 1913 raja harichandra without any voice. Next 20 years many movies are released across the country but none of them has voice. Very first movie has a voice released on 1931. Details of the movie as follows.

Movie Name:Alam Ara
Release Date: 14th March 1931
Director: Ardeshir Irani
Producer:Ardeshir Irani

First place india which has 100 % education rate

India is developing country 100 % education in the country is still questionable. In overall all the states in India Kerala has highest education rate. Only one district in India which is declared as 100 % education  rate which again in Kerala.

This city called called as "Ernakulam" formally know as Cochin. 


Tez- Google app money transfer made very simple in india

Google introduced new digital app called 'Tez' to transfer the money in India.  This app is working in the concept of UPI (Unified payment interface). This app can be downloaded in google play store or apple IOS. Now let see how this works.


After installing the app google send you the OTP to confirm the identity.This app needs to be installed were same number should be registered with your bank as well.  We have to set up following things

  •  Set up pin to open the app this pin can be same as your pattern to open your phone or can be different one
  •  Next we need to set it up transaction password. This will be additional security for each transaction we making
  •  We need to link our bank account to app. We need to input last six digit of the debit card number and expire date. App send the UPI registration request to bank through SMS in our mobile. Once bank confirm the request account will be link to the app.

Now we are good to send/receive money through the app.

Payments can be send and receive through following mode

  •     Via Phone
  •     Account number
  •    UPI ID (ex :rajxxxxxu@okhdfcbank)
  •    Scanning your QR Code
  • Searching near by Tez devices
This project is started in September and as a starting point google announced lot of offers and scratched card which gives you bonus every day in your account. Absolutely there is no charge in those transactions. Yet another great product from great company.

Error Code 21 unable to send SMS from android mobile

In android mobile some times we may not be able to send the message. We will be getting error code 21 while sending an SMS. This kind of issues can happen in two reasons

  • 1. SMS service center number is not set in your phone
  • 2. If your using dual sim and you have swaped the position of sim1 and sim2 recently.

In both the above scenarios we will not able to send the message from our mobile we will end up in getting error code 21. To avoid this we need to contact our mobile provider and get the SMS service center number. We need to update that number in our mobile as like below. First dial in Android phone


Now click on the phone information. We need to update the service center number in SMSC field.We need to restart the mobile after this change. Now you will be able to send the SMS.


Shortcut code to get system and battery information in android mobile

Many of us use android mobile but we might have forgot the code to check phone and battery information. This code gives the information about phone information,Battery information,usage statistics,Wifi-information,cmas test alerts. We need to dial blow code in our android mobile.


After dialing above code we will get below information in our android mobile.



Dynamic cron expression in scheduled annotation

In spring we use annotation based schedulers to configure the jobs.There are several ways to configure the jobs and among the good option is using cron expression. While configuring cron it expects constant values to be applied not a variable one in cron expression.

Only way to get dynamic cron expression is using property files as like below.Considering the fact property file is already configured in your spring container

@Scheduled(cron = "${app.cron.expression}")
public void myMethod() {


Shortcut keys available in eclipse

Eclipse in very important tool if we do any work in java. There are many shortcuts keys available in eclipse to achieve the required functionality.  Click control + shift +L keys together to display all shortcut keys in eclipse.

                                  Control + Shift + L

All the shortcuts will be displayed on the right below of eclipse as like below.


Remove CRLF display in Notepad++

Some times when we open a notepad ++ we use to see some weird display characters appear in each line.This is because editor is trying to highlight the end of the line but this looks strange to us to use it. We can eliminate CRLF by un selecting "View--->Show Symbol-->Show end of Line" option.



Makkal Marunthagam Low cost medicines in Tamilnadu

Makkal Marunthagam is formed under the central government scheme "Jan Aushadhi" . This store sells medicines extremely low cost so that poor people can afford cost effective medicines. There are many store across the country but first store in Tamilnadu formed in Sivagangai district.

We can get all kind of medicines in this stores and orders will be delivered with 20 days maximum. Order can be done through online or whatsapp. They have provided whatsapp number and email address for further contact/order.

They also introduced android application through that as we can do online ordering as well.


Low price medicine  Tamil nadu happen through Jan Aushadhi scheme. Complete list of stores in tamilnadu as below.

Dindigul Suham Trust, Door No 74B, Opp Canara Bank, Anna Nagar,Vedamadurai Town, Vedasandur Taluk, Dindigul Distt.,TN-624802 Mr. Rajendran +91 9994788307/7373262346(Mob) suham.vadamadurai@dhan.org
Virudhunagar 284, Thiruchuli Road,Aruppukottai,Distt-Virudhunagar,TN-626101 Dr.S.Kathiresan 04566-228885(Tel), vaanihospital@gmail.com
Madurai Door No. 12/1, Ground Floor, K.R.Towers, Usilampatti Road, Thirumangalam,TN-625706 Dr.J.Jasmine/A.Rama Krishnan +91 9994999493(Mob), jasminmalar@gmail.com
Madurai Ahana Hospitals LLP, Ist Floor, Plot No. 611, K.K. Nagar, Madurai,TN-625020 Mr. K. Nagarajan -NA-,  -NA-
Tiruppur Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,AKVN Charity Hospitals, 78,79,80, Ammasai Nagar,New 4 Track Road, Avinashi, Tiruppur,TN-641654 Dr.S.Karthikeyan 04296-270122(Tel) +91 8883332092/9952849022(Mob), drkarthikeyan@akvncharities.com
Sivaganga CSC,114/1,Shop No. 1, First Floor, Madurai Mukku, Sivagangai,TN-630561 Mr. Kannan +91 9788052839(Mob), svgjanaushadhi@gmail.com
Nilgiris Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Gudalur Adivasi Hospital, 10/147 G3, Kothervayal, Gudalur, The Nilgiris, TN-643212 Mrs.Indira O.A +91 9487129275(Mob), ashwinigudalur@gmail.com
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Door No: 1343,Sathy Road,Near: Surya Hospital,Ganapathy [post]Coimbatore,TN-641006 Mr. P.Thilagavathi 0422-421005(Tel), evsgroupz@gmail.com
Coimbatore Door No.190 ,D.B.Road,Near State Bank Of Mysore,R.S.Puram, Coimbatore,TN-641002 Mr. F.Philip Asunthina 0422-4210649(Tel), evsgroupz@gmail.com
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Door no.1868,Puliakulam Road,Near.Poorvika MobileRamanathapuram,Coimbatore,TN-641045 Mr. C.Anitba Margratte 0422-4210015(Tel), evsgroupz@gmail.com
Kanyakumari Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Gerdi Gutperle Agasthiyar Muni Child Care Centre,Vellamadam,Nagercoil,Kanyakumari District,TN Ms. Mary Antony +91 9487911645(Mob), ggamccc@gmail.com
Chennai No-42,4th Cross Street,Kakkan Nagar,Adambakkam,Chennai-600088 Dr. M. Marudhu pandian +91 9884020952 (Mob), ponmalligai@gmail.com
Dindigul Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Door no-10-1-21A, Shop No-1, R.C Street,Kannivadi,Dindigul,TN-624705 Mr. R.Rajasekar 0452-2302562(Tel),+91 9092311667(Mob) rajapandian@dhan.org/ suhamtrust@dhan.org
Dindigul Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D.No-6/145, Esa Nattu Kallan Building,Vandi Kaliamman Kovil Backside, Authoor Taluk,Dindigul,TN-624701 Ms. K.Leelavathi +91 9092311667(Mob),0452-2302562(Tel)  rajapandian@dhan.org/ suhamtrust@dhan.org
Madurai Sri Padmavathy Educational Trust, 131,Munichief Court Road, Tirumangalam,Madurai,TN Mr. K.sagathevan +91 9962366600(Mob), sag@sripetrust.org
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D.NO-262, Palakkat Main Road, Kuniamukur,Coimbatore,TN-641008 Ms. S.Bagyalakshmi +91 9943507777(Mob) evsgroup2@gmail.com
Vellore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No-009, GF,Shop No-1, Karuneegar Veedhi, Anaicut,Vellore,TN-632101 Mr. Thiru. E.Gangadharan +91 8098888844/7598252540(Mob), gangamargini@gmail.com
Kanyakumari 16/141D, Market Road Arumani,Kanyakumari,TN-629151 Mr. R.Edward Bruce +91 9788052839(Mob), svgjanaushadhi@gmail.com
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,9-3, Naickar Thottam, Trichy Main Road, Kannampalayam, Sulur,Coimbatore,TN-641402 Ms. S.Bagyalakshmi +91 9842263302(Mob) m.vakhai@gmail.com
Tiruvannamalai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No: 25/114 Aveloor Pettai Main Road,Tiruvannamalai,TN-606601 Mr. A.Thirugnanasambandamoorthy +91 9443308444/9080040099(Mob),04175-221444(Tel) southindiatrust@gmail.com
Chennai Shop No-3, No(74/3),74, Ground Floor, Thandavarayan Street, Tondiarpet,Chennai,TN Mr. P.M. Thanigaivelan +91 9500039978(Mob), humanvaluefoundation@gmail.com
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,9D.No-36, Maruthamalai Road, P.N.Pudur(Post),Coimbatore,TN-641041 Ms. S.Bhuvaneswari +91 9943507777 (Mob) evsgroupz@gmail.com
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,1768-B, Sri Bhairavar Complex,Thadagam Road, Velandipalayam,Coimbatore,TN-25 Ms. Poornima Andal S / V.Alagar Raja +91 7339241412(Mob) purnimscgod@gmail.com
Coimbatore Door No-106c,Trichy Road,Sulur,Coimbatore,TN-641402 Mr. A.Ramesh +91 9943507777(Mob), evsgroupz@gmail.com
Trichy Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.6,Forst Floor,Shop No-1,From south Side,Thathachariar Gardens,Mambhazhalasalai,Srirangam-TK,Trichy,TN-641041 Ms. S.Latha +91 8903600862 (Mob) weshlisam61@gmail.com
Tuticorin No. 1G&1F, Periya Nesavu Street, Kayalpatnam,Tiruenhendur Taluk,Tuticorin,TN Mr. Sheik Nawas/M.A Syed Ali +91 8220312630(Mob), haseen70@yahoo.com
Palani Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D.NO.65/48/1, Ground Floor, New Ammu Hall, Nehruji Road(New Dharapuram Road),Palani,TN-624601 Mr. V.Mahesh/G.Senthil Raj +91 9842143750(Mob) info@ammumall.com
Erode Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,219/99,Sathy Main Road, Veevappan Chafram,Erode,TN-638004 Mr. M.N Maheswaran +91 9443314918 (Mob) mn.maheswaran@yahoo.com
Kumbakonam D.No.739, Green Woods, Maruthanallur,Kumbakonam,TN-612402 Mr. S Balachandran/S.Ilakkiya +91 9786571101(Mob),  -NA-
Ramanathapuram Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.:9/206-1, erwadi, Vettan Manai Street, Kadaladi(J.K),Ramanathapuram,TN Mr. D.Ahmed Yaseen/T.Anand +91 9894662459(Mob) -NA-
Ramanathapuram Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.:2/122 A, Melakidaram, Kadaladi,Ramanathapuram,TN-623528 Mr. K.S Raja/R.Kannan +91 9943942097(Mob) -NA-
Puddukotai D.No.:4/75, Shop No:4, Pappavayal Village(Near Govt. Hr. Sec. School), Thirumayam Panchayat,Puddukotai,TN-622507 Mr. K.Mariappan +91 9443405071(Mob),  -NA-
Madurai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,3/118, A. Thottiapatti, Thirumangalam, Rajapalayam Main Road,Madurai,TN-625704 Mr. T.S Vignesh +91 9840125488 (Mob) madhu53@hotmail.com
Virudhunagar Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No:171, Ground Floor and 1st Floor, South Car, Sivakasi,Virudhunagar,TN-626123 Mr. G.Subburaj/G.vairavan +91 9843077427 (Mob) sjswtrust@gmail.com
Sivagangai No.7580, Survey No-114/4A, Shop No:4, Ground Floor, Maravamangalam Road, Sri Sornavalli Nagar, Samanatha Mangalam, Kalaya Kovil,TN Mr. T. Angel Jeba Rose/S. Marjan +91 9629899211(Mob),  -NA-
Thanjavur Jan Aushadhi Medical Store, No.127/B, Kadai Street, Keelpagam,Periya Kandai Theru, Pattukottai,TN-614601 Mrs. Meenakshi +91 9443186046 (Mob) -NA-
Madurai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.25/1A, Krishnapuram Nesavalar Colony, East Cross Street,Madurai,TN-625014 Mr. N.Kumutha/N.Jegan +91 9500526973(Mob) -NA-
Madurai No.53, II Floor(North Portion) PAK Complex, Chokkalinga Nagar, Main Road,Madurai,TN-625016 Mr. S.Rabiyamma +91 9500342666 / 9043383363(Mob), -NA-
Salem Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D.No 40. Kannakurichi Main Road, Manakkadu, Near Uzhavar Chandhai,Salem,TN-614601 Mr. J.Murali/B.Ragul +91 9655656097(Mob) kvjmurali@yahoo.co.in
Kancheepuram Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Door No. 87, Survey No:470/1,2,3,4 &471/13, GST Road, Karunguzhi,Kancheepuram,TN Mr. Thiru.T.Rajkumar/A.Suganthi -NA-, -NA-
Perambalur D.No. 215-A,Near Periyar Silai, N.S.B Road, Perambalur,TN Mr. P.Ramar/P.Kanan +91 9788052839(Mob),  -NA-
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D.No.470, Avinashi Road, Kalki Nagar, Peelamedu,Coimbatore,TN-641004 Mr. Thiru.E.V Shiril/D.Balasangeetha +91 9943507777(Mob) evsgroupz@gmail.com
Madurai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.1 J, Nehruji Street, Thirunagar, Madurai,TN-6 Ms. B.Jayalakshmi/B.Valliammai/M.Mydeen +91 8300581337 (Mob)/ O452-2485573 (LL), janaushadhithirunagar@gmail.com
Madurai No.27, Thiagarajar Colony, Pasumalai(PO), Madurai,TN-625004 Ms. B.Jayalakshmi/B.Valliammai/ Alagurani +91 7339685573(Mob), janaushadhimadurai294@gmail.com
Ramanathapuram Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,B3, Imaam Jahubar Sathik Mahal No.113, East Street, Kilakarai, Ramanathapuram,TN-623517 Mr. Mohamed Salih Hussain/B.Mohamed Yousuffsha +91 9788052839(Mob) svgjanaushadhi@gmail.com
Thanjavur Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Jattar Complex, Subbiah Pillai Street, Pattukkotai,Thanjavur,TN Mr. S.Soundarajan/M.Rengarajan +91 7639066380,9629813699(Mob), srsoundarmail@gmail.com
Namakkal Shop No 13, Municipal Complex, Old Bus Stand, Trichengode,Namakkal,TN Mr. A.Shajahan,G. Prakash/R.Bhuvanalakshmi +91 9043000044(Mob), svgjanaushadhi@gmail.com
Vellore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.105/1, Odi Pillaiyar Koil, Gandhi Nagar, Vellore,TN-6 Mr. G.Jayanthi +91 9367778111(Mob) matha.vellore@gmail.com
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,11/43, Sasthri Street Kovilmedu, Velandipalayam, Coimbatore,TN-641025 Mr. Subaitha +91 7601020630(Mob), velandipalayam1471@gmail.com
Chennai Kapali Temple Shopping Complex, No.4, Venkatesa Agraharm Road, Mylapore, Chennai,TN-600004 Dr. G.Sairamanan/Mrs. V.Radha +91 9840099639/9941430610(Mob), pmbjak2017@gmail.com
Tiruvannamalai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.3/4, Shop No.5, Kamarajar Street, Kilpennathur,TN-604601 Mr. Tamizhpriya E +91 9786898891(Mob) mpe7hills@gmail.com
Tuticorin Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,15 D-1, Nandha Gopalpuram West, Tuticorin,TN-628002 Mr. P.Suresh +91 9442602964(Mob),  -NA-
Coimbatore D.No.1440, Edayarpalayam Road, Kunchi, Sundarapuram, Coimbatore,TN-641024 Mr. Thiru E. V Shiril/K.Jayalakshmi +91 9943507777(Mob), evsgroupz@gmail.com
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Salem 78, Karungalpatty Main Road, Gugai, Salem,TN-636006 Mr. K.M Amarnath +91 9688883259(Mob), -NA-
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Erode Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Sumet Hospital,Erode,TN Dr.T.Marimuthu +91 8973592477(Mob), sgmethospital@gmail.com
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Chennai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No2/9 Ground floor 3 rd shop Kumananchavadi,Chennai,TN-56 Mr. Y Padmaja -NA--NA-
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Sivaganga 10/2-11 Sakkottai Main Road,Sakkottai Puduvaiyal Panchyat Karaikudi,Sivagangai District,TN Mr. K.Sekar +91 7639636008(Mob), rkchandrasekarmp@gmail.com
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Coimbatore Shanthi Social Services SF No.128/2 Trichy Road Singnallur Coimbatore,TN-641005 Mr. Senthil Kumar.B +91 8489933156(Mob), pharmacy@shanthisocialservices.org
Ramanathapuram Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,13/7 (2) APK Road Sayalgudi Ramanathapuram,TN-623120 Mr. S. Kathirayan Moorthy +91 9944860226(Mob),-NA-
Dindigul Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D.NO.83, Shop No.2, Pathima Complex,Nehruji Nagar,Dindigul,TN Mr. M.Uma Maheswari/V.Jothimani +91 7810976951(Mob), -NA-
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Kanyakumari Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Nalam Agency No.346 A Rajakkamangalam Road Nagarcoil Kanyakumari,TN-629002 Mr. Regupathy Rajaram +91 9443345413(Mob), regupathyrajaram@gmail.com
Thiruvannamalai South India Trust No.22 Shop No.1 GF,Gorimettu 2nd Street,Malnalurpettai Road,Tiruvannamalai,TN-606601 Mr. Thirugnanasambandamoorthy +91 9443308444(Mob),04175-237555(Tel) janaush02@gmail.com
Thanjavur Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,217/720 Kamaraj Road Kumbakonam,Thanjavur,TN-612001 Mr. R.Senthil Kumar -NA-,-NA-
Madurai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.25/1A Krishnapuram Nesavalar Colony East Cross Street Madurai,TN-625014 Mr. N. Kumutha +91 9500526973(Mob), -NA-
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Madurai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D No.14/6 Ground Floor,Shop No 3 Ellis Nagar 70 FeetMain Road Opp.BSNL Anbu Nagar Madurai,TN-625016 Mr. S Thiruppathi & R.Sekar +91 9003423808(Mob),-NA-
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Thanjavur Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.2635 South Main Street,Thanjavur,TN-613009 Mr. J.Karthik -NA-, -NA-
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Sulur Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,252,VAO road,Vadugapalayam Main Road, West Pallayam,Tirupur,Sulur,TN-641664 Dr.K.Balamurali +91 9442626145(Mob),yanikutty@gmail.com
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Theni No.2/233-2 Deivendrapuram,Keelavadakarai,Power House Junction,Periyakulam (PO)Theni,TN-625601 Mr. M Idayarasan +91 9486142416(Mob), -NA-
Madurai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,Ground Floor No.1163/1/1,Moondru Mavadi Road,Meenakshi Nagar,Kannanenthal,Madurai,TN-625014 Mr. Thiru.R. Vijaya kumar +91 9994226928(Mob),vijeyy@gmail.com
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Tiruppur 105(1) Shop no.1,S S complex Valayankadu main road,Kumar Nagar,Tirupur,TN-3 Mr. A.Shafiullah +91 9042031171(Mob), -NA-
Dharmapuri Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,36 Bazaar Street,Dharmapuri Main Road,Kadathur,Taluka-Pappireddipatti,District-Dharmapuri,TN Mr. M.Manivannan +91 8428415143(Mob),manivannan38843@gmail.com
Namakkal Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D. No.90 Attur Main Road,Opp.Bus Stand,Taluka-Rasipuram,District-Namakkal,Tamil Nadu-637406 Mr. Mohan Krishnan +91 8883487999(Mob), mohanmohank@rediffmail.com
Salem No.83 Dharmapuri Main Road,Taluka-Omalur,District-Salem,Tirupur,TN-636309 Mr. V Murugan +91 9791249453(Mob), harar.murugan@gmail.com
Dindigul Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,80-H1 Dhanalakshmi Complex,Main Road Gujiliyam Parai,Taluka-Vedasandur,TN-624703 Mr. P.Illavarasan +91 9843061531(Mob),-NA-
Tiruppur Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,New No.31/1 Old no.8 A Nehru Street,Udumalpet,Tiruppur,TN-642126 Mr. Thiru.T.Thirumalaisamy +91 9443016734(Mob), lathatms72@gmail.com
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Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,D.NO.1440 Edayarpalayam Road,Kurichi,Sundarapuram,Coimbatore,TN-641024 Mr. E.V.Shiril +91 9943507777(Mob),evsgroupz@gmail.com
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Karrur 569, M. Palanisamy First Cross, Vellakoil, Kangeyam, TN-638111 Mr. M. PanneerSelvam +91 9443361113(Mob), panneerselvam6113@gmail.com
Virudhunagar Jan Aushadhi Medical Store, D.NO.3/171 Room no.1 ,Tool & Die Block,VSVN Polytechnic college,Village-Rosalpatti,Virudhunagar, TN-626001 Mr. Thiru TKSPA Shanmugamoorthy +91 9843056206(Mob),vsvnpoly@gmail.com
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store, P-92, Manis Nagar, Thudiyalur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641034 Mr. S. Joel Sathiyakumar +91 9894553392(Mob), aswoindia@gmail.com
Tiruchirapalli South Devi Street, Subramaniyapuram, Srirangam, Trichy, TN-06 Mr. Manikandan +91 9443130267(Mob), chamubbmo07@yahoo.com
Chennai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store, Shop #1, (South East Corner) Ground floor, #36/59 Gangai Amman Koil Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai, TN-600094 Mr. Dinesh +91 9500039978(Mob),pmbjakchoolaimedu@gmail.com
Nagapattinam Jan Aushadhi Medical Store, #176, Pattamangalam Street, Mayiladuthurai, TN-60900 Mr. N Balamurali +91 9944876661 (Mob), onbm_myl@yahoo.com
Viluppuram Shop # 166 Trichy Trunk Road, Villupuram, Poonthottam, TN-605602 Mr. Hariharan +91 8883504360(Mob), harimec2010@gmail.com
Coimbatore Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,#18B, Damu Garden, Back side KVB ATM, Subbramaniyampalayam Road, G N Mills Post, Coimbatore, TN-641029 Mr. Muraleedaran +91 9487224568 (Mob),nayak2008@yahoo.co.in
Theni Jan Aushadhi Medical Store, #2/233-2, Deivendrapuram Keela Vadakari, Power House Junction, Periyakullam, Theni,TN-625601 Mr. M Idayarasan +91 9486142416 (Mob), idayarasan@gmail.com
Namakkal # 147, Thiruvallur Road, North Street, Velur, Paramathi Velur, Namakkal, TamilNadu Mrs. Latha M +91 9894598789(Mob), m.lathacs@gmail.com
Theni Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,No.83,Seepalakkottai Road,Taluka-Uthamapalayam,Chinnamanur, TN-625515 Mr. A Nagaraj +91 9894875266 (Mob),nraj079@gmail.com
Tirunelveli Jan Aushadhi Medical Store, #496H, Shop #1, Vanavil Vaniga Valagam, Madurai Road, Udaiyarpatti, Thachanallur, Tirunelveli, TN-627001 Mr. Iyem Perumal C +91 9442535896/ 8825874359 (Mob), iyemperumal981@gmail.com
Chennai Door no.63 MTH Road Villivakkam,V1-Villivakkam Police Station & Bharat Petrol Bunk Chennai,Tamil Nadu-600049 Mr. E Aridharan +91 9841359889(Mob),044-48538351(Tel) pmbjakvillivakkam@gmail.com
Dindigul Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,#80-H1 Dhanalakshmi Complex, Main Road, Gujilyam Parai 624703, Vedasandore, Dindigul, TN Mr. Illavarasan P +91 9843061531 (Mob),ilavarasan2378@gmail.com
Madurai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store, # 22/2, Kakkan Street, Shenoy Nagar, Madurai 20 Mrs. S G Thiyageshwari 0452 4220284 (LL), thiya.yasu@gmail.com
Dindigul RS.No-305/1 Dr.T.S. Soundaram Health Centre, Gandhigram Rural Institute-DU Gandhigram, District-Dindigul, Tamil Nadu-624302 Mr. Gandhigram Rural Institute DU, Gandhigram +91 9486209819 (Mob), grimani@gmail.com
Tirunelveli Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,TS No: 75/1A, 1b Shop #1, Selvarajanagar, Complex STC 60 Scheme Road, PerumalPuram, Tirunelveli,TN-627001 Mr. Managing Trustee of need foundation Trust +91 9385594141 (Mob),nellaiconnect@gmail.com
Salem Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,#3/153-1, Karthanur, Pottiyapuram, Kadaiyampatty, Salem,TN-636308 Mrs. Banumathi V +91 9865975948 (Mob),vbanumathi3@gmail.com
Pudukkottai #M68, Poonga Nagar, Rhagopalapuram, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu-622003 Mrs. M Ranjitham +91 9443421040 (Mob), ranjthaagencies@gmail.com
Salem Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,#37A,Periyakadai Veethi,Attayampatty,Salem,TN-627001 Mr. Anandhavijayan S +91 7667774305 (Mob),anandhvijaypharma@gmail.com
Chennai Jan Aushadhi Medical Store,#199,Pammal Main Road,Pammal,Chennai,TN-75 Mr. Balaji Associates/Mr. Selvamurugan +91 9176633131 (Mob),selvamurughan@yahoo.com
Coimbatore 94 L Bishop Ambrose Complex,Avinashiroad,Karumathampatti,Coimbatore,TN-641659 Mr. U.K.Palanisami +91 8144081090(Mob),ukpsruthi@gmail.com
Chennai G.F, Shop #1, From North, #52/1, Chellapillayar Koil Street, Royapettah, Chennai 600014 Mr. Suresh Ref: Sri Balaji Associates +91 9094777281 (Mob),suresh.ccbjp@gmail.com
Sivaganga A- G- # 12, Ambujam Appartment, Arumuga Nagar, Karaikudi, Sivaganga, TN Mr. Panneerselvam V +91 9877488208 (Mob),panneerselvam.velu@gmail.com
Chennai Door # 6/28-2 Ground Floor Shop # 4, Periyapalayaththamman Koil Street, Contonment Pallavaram, Chennai-600043 Mrs. Pushpa Reka, Ref: Sri Balaji Associates +91 9176229555 (Mob),selvamurughan@yahoo.com
Tirunelveli 42,Main Bazar,Viravanallur, Tirunelveli,TN-627426 Mr. M. Nallathai/ R. Mariappan +91 7708925656 (Mob),jasvvr@gmail.com
Namakkal Sri selvam plaza, 31/16, Kottal main road, Namakkal, TN-637001 Mr. P. Gowrishankar +91 9952840547 (Mob),smoothlife07@gmail.com
Tiruvannamalai No: 1, Thirukovilur road, Melathikan, Eadapalayam, TVM, Tamil Nadu Mrs. S. Indumathi +91 9677870833 (Mob),-NA-
Kanchipuram 16B/51,Kamatchi Amman Koil St, Sannathi Street,Big Kanchipuram, Sannathi Street, Big Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu-631502 Mr. Sankara Narayanan V +91 7010422846 (Mob),venkat@chennaivision.com
Madurai #6/62, Sivagangai Main Road, Karuppayurani, Madurai, TN-625020 Ms. V Raghavi +91 9092562344 (Mob),rvragavi@yahoo.co.in
Pudukkottai #22, Main Road, Kulipirai, Pudukkottai, TN-622402. Mr. D Udhayakumar / Mr. D Bharanitharan +91 9442882717 (Mob),drudhayaakumar@gmail.com
Virudhunagar #1B, First Floor, Varikkal Singaraja Street, Rajapalayam, Virudunagar, TN-626117 Mr. K V Arun Prasad +91 7904505907 (Mob),arunprasad7billa@gmail.com
Tiruchirapalli # ¼, Thapetai Road, Salem Bye Pass Road, Musiri, Trichy, TN-621214. Mr. E. Parthasarathy +91 9894454606 (Mob),ims_musiri@yahoo.in
Salem #34 Rangi Street, Jari Kondalampatty, Salem, Tamil Nadu-636010 Mr. Sudharajan +91 9486264614 (Mob),-NA-
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HDFC bank balance by giving missed call

HDFC bank introduced new feature to their customer, Checking bank account balance through missed call. Now customers don't have to go to bank or ATM to check the bank balance. We can just give a missed call from registered mobile number for the account  and with in few seconds we will get an SMS with bank balance information.



Tricks to reduce javascript load time in webpage

Javascript is plays important role in any web based application.But some times javascript also lead to slowness in the webpages. In order to improve java-script performance we can use following techniques.

1. Add all the javascripts in the bottom of the page instead of adding in the head.
2. Try to combine all the javascripts functions and include through external file instead of including all scripts in main file.

<script       src="ourscript.js"></script>

3. We can minimize the javascript we are using in the application. This will reduce the load time as much.

4. We can also enable  asynchronously down the load script,this option improves the DOM construction during webpage load.

<script   async="async"    src="ourscript.js"></script>