Externalizing third party libraries in tomcat

Web applications we may work with  multiple modules  due to this  we need to include various dependencies, this results big war file size.Reducing war file size is very important for build and release process when application is big.Only way to reduce the war file size is externalize the third party libs used in the application because this is not going to change often.

In tomcat there is a way to externalize the third party libraries used in the application. We can put all these third party libraries in folder and these libraries are loaded by tomcat class loaders during run time.To configure go to tomcat/conf/catalina.properties and edit the property shared.loader to locate your third party jars.


Now we are done with first step next during our build we should not include these lib.Excluding third party libraries can be achieved using build configuration in maven settings.Click Here to know about maven settings
Here one point to be noted we cannot put all the third party libraries in external folder. Some of the libs are very important during start up of the application, due to class loading hierarchy we may have to include those libraries in classpath of the application.


Track your money order status online

We can check money order status through online.Money order is one of the olden way of sending an money from one place to another place. This service is provided by post office. Even this service works well in now days.  Go to the site https://www.indiapost.gov.in


Now  Enter the money order number we received from post office. On providing proper validation characters click go button. Now we will get to know the status about when did we booked and what is the current status of the money order.



KSTDC airport taxi number in bangalore

Karnataka state tourism development corporation(KSTDC) has its own airport taxi services. This service is better than any private cab because they don't charge more on customers. They gave good service also issuing proper bills as well. We can call and book the cab using below numbers.


Telnet command in linux

telnet command is used to check the connectivity between two systems. This command ensures that process in running on particular port.In Linux we can use below command to telnet.

                        nc -v 1500

How to check url is indexed in google or not?

Indexing URL in google is very important because this key to display our link in search results. Its really good practice to check our page or url is indexed in google or not.Google naturally crawls all the pages in the net but this process is automatic and we cannot assure the crawling of all the pages.

So how can we check our url is indexed or not. Go to www.google.com now enter info:http://www.waytodo.in/2017/03/vehicle-owner-details-online-in-india.html(replace with your url)  click on search button.
Now if it search result displays your title along with your description which means page is indexed in google. It also gives the information about when google indexed this page


FIX Message adding multiple PartyID in MarketDataRequest

In FIX based application when we place market data r request we will set PartyID value in the FIX tag 448.There could be an scenario we might need to set multiple PartyID in the market data request. To do this first we need to update the value of FIX tag 453. This tag indicates how many PartyID sending along with the request.If we wanted to send to trading sessions then value of 453 is 2. Let see the below example how to set it.
quickfix.fix44.MarketDataRequest marketDataRequest = new quickfix.fix44.MarketDataRequest();
  quickfix.fix44.component.Parties aPartyComponent = new quickfix.fix44.component.Parties();
     for(String lp:numberOfParties){
       MarketDataRequest.NoPartyIDs lNoPartyIDs = new MarketDataRequest.NoPartyIDs();
      lNoPartyIDs.set(new PartyID(lp));

After setting this tag fix server will send the market data response only for party id's. Similarly we can set multiple sessions in NewOrderSingle as well. Click here to see

FIX Message adding multiple TradingSessionID in NewOrderSingle

In FIX based application when we place new order request we will set TradingSessionID value in the FIX tag 336.There could be an scenario we might need to set multiple TradingSessionID in the order request. To do this first we need to update the value of FIX tag 386. This tag indicates how many TradingSessionID sending along with the request.If we wanted to send to trading sessions then value of 386 is 2. Let see the below example how to set it.

quickfix.fix44.NewOrderSingle newOrderSingle = new quickfix.fix44.NewOrderSingle();
NewOrderSingle.NoTradingSessions notradingSessions = new NewOrderSingle.NoTradingSessions();
for(String tradingSession:tradingSessionList){
notradingSessions.set(new TradingSessionID(tradingSession));
In this scenario order will be placed only mentioned sessions. Similarly we can set multiple party id's in fix market data request as well.Click Here


Why jeep(four wheel drive) is best for mountain ride?

Four wheel drive means engine power is supplied to all four wheels.Most of our vehicles working either on front wheel or rear wheel drive.We take an example of bike to explain the scenario,in case of bike engine power is supplied to back wheels through chain.There is no power supplied to front wheel bike running with the power of back wheel. This is called rear wheel drive.
Mountain ride and slippery roads four wheel is preferred because two wheel drive will not able to control.Below is the layout of four wheel drive.


Jeep is build in the concept of four wheel drive,power is given to all four wheels. This is controllable we can change to normal when we want. When we drive in mountain since power is applied in all the wheels it can claim easily.
Generally four wheel drive is applied to heavy vehicles and mostly used in army.


Ping command in solaris

Ping command is used to check the connectivity between two systems. This command ensures that only system is up and running but it will not give any information about process in running or not.In Solaris we can use below command to ping continuously.
                        ping -s with your destination IP)


Do you wanted to give complaint to president of india?

Every Indian citizen has an option to give his compliant to president through online.Once complaint raised we will get complaint number which will receive through email.This compliant will be addressed one by one based on the priority. Un Genuine use of this portal will be punished severely. Click on the link http://pgportal.gov.in/GrievanceNew.aspx


We can raise complaint against state or central govt's also.Provide all the necessary information's and click on submit. Once done we will receive email with complaint ID and any updates on the complaints again notified through email.

Recently i have raised an complaint with president cell and my complaint was resolved  after three months with proper evidence for that action. There are certain exclusion of category which we cannot raise here and those are listed in front page of the site.

Highest central/state govt jobs in india

In India many high posting govt jobs are selected through public service commission examinations. Most of us know only IAS and IPS are the highest govt jobs but there are many jobs in different field. All these jobs requires minimum qualification of bachelor degree in any stream.
1IAS - Indian Administrative Service
2IPS - Indian Police Service
3IFS - Indian Foreign Service
4IFS - Indian Forest Service
5IRS - Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax )
6IRS - Indian Revenue Service ( Customs & Central Excise )
7IAAS - Indian Audit and Accounts Service
8ICAS - Indian Civil Accounts Service
9ICLS - Indian Corporate Law Service
10IDAS - Indian Defence Accounts Service
11IDES - Indian Defence Estate Service
12IIS - Indian Information Service
13IPTAS - Indian Post & Telecom Accounts Service
14IPS - Indian Postal Service
15IRAS - Indian Railway Accounts Service
16IRTS - Indian Railway Traffics Service
17ITS - Indian Trade Service
18IRPFS - Indian Railway Protection Force Service
19IRPS - Indian Railway Personal Service