How to upload a file in FTP server using command prompt?

FTP(file transfer protocol) is used to exchange the file between two machines over the internet.We can upload a file into FTP server various way ,through Linux,through windows command line, and  we have some windows UI clients like FileZilla.In this article we are going to see how can we upload using window command prompt (DOS Prompt).

1. Open the command Prompt
2. Type ftp then enter
3. Type open  "FTP server IP or URL" then enter (ex :open
4. It will prompt user name and password
5.After provided username and password if both are right you will get the message saying user logged in.
6. Now we can put the file in FTP server like put "File Name" (put
7.Once file is uploaded in the FTP server we will get the confirmation message.
8.Similarly in order to download the file we can use get "File Name" (get


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