How to check PF(Provident Fund) Amount online?

Employees Provident Fund Organisation introduced new facility to the public to check PF amount online.This will be updated every month.To check the PF online they provided 12 Digit UAN(Universal ActivationNumber).Please check with your company in case if you don't have UAN number.
UAN number is unique across India,so this number can be used any where in India,Very good news is we don't have to change or transfer the PF when we change the company.Same number is used for life long

We need to activate our UAN number first in order to check the PF.Go to Provident fund site and click the link to activate the UAN
In activation form we need to provide following information,UAN number ,mobile number and establishment code.Establishment will be there in your PF account for example If your PF No. is KN/BN/54321/654321, then your PF account is in Bangalore in Karnataka (KN stands for the Region and BN sub region office of the EPFO), your establishment code No. is 54321 (which will be the same for all employees of your establishment in Bangalore)and your account number is 654321.On submission of details we will get the OTP to our mobile for confirmation
Once this is done we can create password for our PF account to subsequent login and download the passbook.This will give clear information about how much money we put and how much company contributed on every month.
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