How to clear browsing history?

While browsing internet, your browser makes some temporary Internet files, and browsing history, cookies . These temporary files and cookies will slower down the computer performance. Follow the steps given below to clear the browsing history.

Clearing Browsing History in different Browsers:

  1.In Internet Explorer: Go to Settings -> Internet Options -> General -> Browsing history -> delete -> OK
  2.In Mozilla Firefox: Click Options -> Advanced-> Network -> Offline Storage -> Clear now -> OK and in     older versions of Mozilla Firefox go to tools-> Clear Privacy Data -> Select all-> Clear Now -> OK
  3.In Chrome:click customize and control google chrome->History->clear browsing data or select a and     click remove selected items

4. In chrome if we use incognito option no history will be recorded only.
  5.Another way is click customize and control google chrome->Tools->clear browsing data->select the     range to delete
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