Meaning of G, E, 2G, 3G and H+ Symbols in Android Mobile

In our mobile device when we switch on the internet we used to see following symbols in top of the mobile. Each symbol has its own significance and this will appear based on the signal strength from the mobile service provider


   H+ symbols  means that  you are connected to HSPA(Evolved high speed packet access). We need  3G internet to get this service and this service can be availed in smart phones.

  High Speed Packet Access and this also comes in 3G internet connection and this is available in smartphones only.

  Letter E means EDGE(Enhanced Data access for GSM Evaluation).Internet speed of this service is lies between 2G and 3G. Most of the people use this service only.

 Letter G means GPRS(General Packet Radio Service). We use to call it as 1G internet and we will encounter slowest internet speed.

Fourth generation mobile technology and this facility is not available in all the cities.This is also called as LTE(Long Term Evolution).This is fastest internet connection in mobile.

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