How to recover files in virus infected pen drive?

Pen drive is the common storage device we use to store the data.Most common problem we face with pen drive is virus.Due to using the same pen drive in different systems which already has virus in it.
Once your pen drive is infected by virus, all your files inside pen drive will not be displayed and its hidden by virus.If we open the folder we will not be able to see any files but in the properties we can see the size.
If we don't have important files we can format the pen drive but if we have some important files how can we recover it, here is the way to do that.
  1.Insert the pendrive 
  2.Start ==> Run ==> CMD==> Enter 
  3.Navigate to the drive where pendrive is available
  4.Say for example if pendrive is in D,in this case type D: and Enter
  5. then type  attrib -h -s -r /s /d *.* and Enter
  6. After this check your pendrive again ,We should be able to see your files.
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