Rules and regaulations of kabadi

Kabadi is a team sport, played mostly in India.Its is traditional games in village side
Total Teams2
Total Players in Team12
Substitute players in each team5
Active players in the court7
Total time of the gameTwo halves of 20 minutes and 5 minutes break in between
Team formation criteriaAge and weight of the players
Kabadi court size13mX10m in measurement. divided by a line into two halves

How to Play:

Based on the toss who send a raider will be decided. The.The raider should go to the opposite court and keep murmoring 'Kabadi - Kabadi' in one breath.A raider must intend to get an opponent player out by touching him and then returning successfully to his court within 30 seconds of the start of the raid.
Aim of opposite team members is should not allow the raider touch and go and should block the raider to not return to his court.The person, whom the raider touches, will be out.
If the raider is not able to say continuously kabadi-kabadi he will be declared as out.Also raider should not cross the boundary line of the court.Team gets bonus points when entire opposite is out
Alternatively each team send the raiders and Each 20 mins side will be changed.
At the end of 40 mins who score maximum points to be the winner of the match.
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