WhatsApp stop automatic download of video,audio and images

In modern world , most of us use WhatsApp in our mobile and we use to get many messages from friends and also groups which we were part of it. So whats happening when friends sends lot of data but your not interested to see some of the data but still those information's are downloaded in your mobile automatically. This consumes your internet bandwidth though your not going to see it.There is a way to stop automatic media files downloaded in mobile.Lets see how to do it


 Step 1:
  Go to whats app settings and click chat settings
Step 2:
   Click Media auto download


Step 3:
        We will see three options When using mobile data,When connected on Wi-Fi, When Roaming
        Click when using mobile data


Step 4:
     After clicked that we used to see what are the files are configured for auto download, untick the image,audio and video click ok.


Step 5:
      After unticked all you will see "No media" under When using mobile data. This means no files will be automatically downloaded when we connected internet through mobile.

Step 6:

Repeat the same steps for When connected on Wi-Fi and When Roaming

That's all automatic download is stopped in mobile now.

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