Benefit of using mud vessels

Cooking in mud pot brings healthy and gives long life to the people and makes food more delicious. It also helps to keep the food for long time without bacteria affecting the food and also helps in easy digestion. Preserving curd in mud pot will keep it out of sour for long time. Keeps water very cool and tasty. Even though it has more specialties, most of the people are unaware of it.

In olden days,not only mud pot,Silver,Bronze,Brass,Sembu were also used by people for cooking Cooking in silver vessel keeps body cool and also prevent from autoimmune diseases. Cooking with brass and sembu vessels will keep stomach related diseases out of us. It has the ability to cure ulcer. Drinking water in sembu vessel will give relief from cough and wheezing troubles.Cooking with steel vessels will increase blood cells and makes our body parts strong . Ana also useful for eye related diseases. Cooking in steel vessel also prevents autoimmune diseases.
Even though we are used to the latest technology vessels,people should start using the vessels used by olden age peoples, keeping the healthy life of our generation in our mind.
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