How to check fake rupee note?

Reserve bank of India (RBI) has given some security features to identify the rupee note is original or not


1. Small flower design printed in both front and back side.If you see the flower in the light we can see the number 1000 in that flower.
2. Water mark has Mahatma Gandhi photo when we see it in light.
3. New security feature introduced in 500 and 1000 rupees notes and this has printed in different ink.This print is capable of changing the color if you keep the note flat and some different angle.
4. Number panels are printed in fluorescent ink and this will be visible only in ultra violet rays
5.Security thread which has Bharat written in hindi and also RBI as text.
7.Next to Gandhi photo there is an vertical bar which has numerical value of the note. This will be visible only if we keep the note horizontally.
8. In between vertical bar and Gandhi photo in micro letters numerical values are printed continuously.
9.Each rupee note has its own symbol , for 1000 rupee note diamond is printed in the note.
10. Final identifications are left side Asoka pillar and right side RBI logo and in between governor signature.  
11. Additional info even if we take color xerox it will note come properly for original note.

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