Wake up calls from IRCTC while travelling in train

People who are travelling may not know their destination or people who slept during their travel time, there is a possibility of missing the station. IRCTC introduced new facility to give a call to our mobile number. This call will come to us before 30 mins the train reaches the destination.

There are two option to set up the wake up calls
1. Setup through IVRS
2. Setup through by sending SMS


 We need to dial 139 and selection the option as 'Destination Alert' on the interactive voice response system.We need to provide PNR Number , system verifies the PNR number if its valid then we are done. We will get a call from IRCTC 30 mins before train arrives our destination

Option 2:
  We need to send an SMS to 139 with following format.


We will receive confirmation message after we send the message.Finally we will receive the call saying  "your station is arriving 30 minutes before destination ".
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