Luxury and most costly trains in India

In India we all know we prefer train travel because of the comfort level and obviously cost is much better than any other mode. Do we know there are some trains in India  which cost more than 1 lakh rupees. Yes below are the train names

1. Maharaja's Express (
2.Palace on wheels (
3.Royal Rajasthan(

Above trains are the luxury and costliest trains in India. In palace on wheels ticket per person is 2 lakh rupees.  


  1. Its great effort that India Railway is running Maharaja Express Train, which is worlds leading luxury train.

  2. Another two train is missing from the list Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train that was first introduced in 2005 and Golden Chariot luxury train It cost around 3 lac to 5 Lac in Indian Rupees.

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