Colour Capturing Pen(Scribble Pen)

Scribble pen scans the colours of any object and immediately we can use that colour to draw or write. This pen can be used in either paper or digital screen.

Scribble Pen

How It Works:
             There is a RGB Sensor available in the pen to scan the colors of the object and stores the colors in the 1GB internal memory for the reuse.We can draw in 16 million different color combinations.This runs on battery,so it can be recharged.There are two types of scribble pen.

1.Scribble Ink Pen
2.Scribble Stylus Pen

Scribble Ink Pen can be used to draw on a paper and Scribble Stylus Pen can be used to draw on a digital devices(apple ios and android).Internet connection is not needed but bluetooth connection is needed for the transfer of colors.For Ink Pen we may need to refill the catridge once it is empty.

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