How to find a fake account in facebook?

Are you impressed in receiving a face book request from a girl or boy. Be aware many fake accounts are there in FB to cheat peoples. How to find them out?There are some ways to find out if a girl is real or not in face book.

1. Check their profile pictures  and photos they may not have more than one.
2. Check about section their details are clear or not
3. Check their friends list do they have up-normal number of count?


4. No one talk you adult information immediately without knowing about person, potentially that could be fake account.
5. They will divert you by saying some stories and get the money from you
6. Still your not convinced download the photo and go to google image search ( upload that photo and do a search. Now we will come know where they downloaded that photo.

These are the steps we could do to find a girl is real or not in Facebook.

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