Why Cant We Grow Sandalwood Trees?

Sandal wood tree is most expensive tree, specifically Indian sandal wood trees.This tree grows very well in south India Andra,Karnataka and Tamilnadu. This tree is very much useful because of cosmetic and therapeutic value.

 Couple of years back sandalwood trees were the property of the government. Growing sandal wood tree is not illegal but public cannot cut and sell it. If we do so that's illegal. If we grown any sandal wood tree we need to inform it to forest department and they will allot one number for our tree for further reference.There is a well defined guides given by forest department in each state.

Why people hesitate to plant Sandalwood?

1. There is a possibility that all farmer start cultivating sandal wood trees because of expensive in nature and this in turn reduce the food productivity.
2. Potential risk for former's to protect the trees.
3. Sandal wood trees can give yield after 12 to 15 years

Many states has reduced the rules and regulations against sandalwood act.Some states encourages the form grown sandal wood trees to increasing the productivity. This forms are highly secured with latest technology methods.

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