Science Reason Behind Aaraththi

Aaraththi is one of the ritual we follow since long while. Why are we doing this? what is the benefit of doing aarathi.?We do aaraththi in some special occasions like marriage,new born babies etc. Our ancestors not started doing this simply and there is a science reason behind this.

In order to prepare aaraththi we used to take water in a plate and then mix with turmeric and sunnambu. After adding sunnambu we can find the water color changes to red.


Then we will add small pieces of betel leafs.After prepared this aarathi they will put small light on the plate and rotate around this on a person three times and we call this as aarathi.

As we know turmeric is good  strong antioxidant and with this when we add sunnambu it becomes more antioxidant. Betal leaves also has a anti-bacterial element. This clears the unknown bacteria and germs in our body. That's the reason we take aarathi before we enter into the home.

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