How to Configure Logstash Forwarder(Lumberjack) in Windows?

Logstash is very light weight component to ship the logs from one server to centralized servers.In the centralized server we might have run the logstash to apply the pattern and get the required info extracted then send it to elastic search server.We can configure logstash in any machines,Now lets see how can we do it in windows.

  1. Download latest packages of logstash forwarder from by clicking download Zip
 2. We need to compile the .go files available in package, In order to achive this need to install GO software. Please click here to download the go installer
 3. Now go to the extracted folder of logstash forwarder in command prompt
 4. Execute command "go build". We should not see any errors while executing this
 5. After executing the command we can find a file logstash-forwarder-master.exe generated in logstash-farwarder folder. That's all we are done with the set up and now its time to execute the logstah forwarder.But before running we need to make sure SSL certificates are generated properly.

We should use the same certificate used in logstash server.Click here to see how to generate the SSL certificates.Also make sure that proper host and ports are configured in logstash-forwarder.conf Now go to the command prompt in logstash forwarder folder execute the following command

logstash-forwarder-master.exe -config logstash-forwarder-master.conf
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