Convert Easily Your Sourcecode from Log4j to Logback Using Migration Tool

Most of applications earlier we use log4j for application logging and monitoring. Now with a latest trend we intended to switch to logback framework because of its fast and features. How can we migrate our source code from log4j to logback. There is an utility build by logback team to easy migration. We can download the utility from Here After download the package we could find multiple executable jars in that package.We need to click slf4j-migrator jar file then we see below screen opened up.


Select the option from log4j to slf4j,Now we need to point out the directory where our source code is located, if we have multiple projects select the root directory of the project. Now click Migrate project to slf4j,this will covert all the source code to slf4j and finally gives the count list of files modified. This tool has some limitations as well, what it does is simple  source code modification and this will not modify the configuration files such as xml files and build files.
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