Leopard Hills in India

Jawai hills in Rajasthan called as leopard hills in India. This hill is in heart of the jawai dam which is built across Jawai River. Jawai hill comes under aravali hills range. We can find more number of leopards in this hill that’s why we are calling it as leopard hills in India.
There are many temples and memorials in the hills. Over many decades, the various communities of JAWAI have preserved their traditions and customs. We can find many temples have an idol of the leopards, also we can find villages near to the hills and those people are not disturbing the big cats. This makes the existence of people and leopards are living together.


Apart from leopards we can spot blue bulls, wild jungle cats, hyenas, wolves, jackals, hare, red fox, etc. along with a range of migratory birds in winter in this area. There are many resorts and hotels available here and they do offer safari and jeep ride in the forest. Wanted to see leopard close? Then this is the best place to find and discovering about the wild life. 
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