Cloud computing

Cloud Computing, also known as Computing, refers to the process of accessing and storing the programs and data over the web instead of computer drive.  Hosted services are delivered over the internet by cloud computing. Cloud Computing are largely used by companies in these days. The applications based on cloud computing, also known as SaaS (software as a service ) generally run on distance computers in "cloud". These computers are operated and owned by others . These are connected to the users' computers with the help of a web browser or the internet. This internet-based computing is also known as on-demand computing.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:
Cloud computing offers several benefits for which they are highly preferred by the business in these days. The wide number of advantages of SaaS attract end users as well.
Computing Resources can be spin by end users for different kinds of workload on-demand. Cloud computing can be used for scaling up with the increase in computing. However as the demands reduce, companies can scale down with much ease with the help of cloud computing. The users need to pay only for the workloads and resources which they use, as they go for cloud computing.

Different kinds of Cloud Computing:
Cloud computing are generally of three kinds which include public, private and the hybrid.

Public Cloud Computing:
The public computing model involves a third party provider which delivers the services of the cloud over the internet. These public computing services are being sold on the demand, by the minute or hour typically. The best thing about the public computing is that the customers need to pay only for the storage or the CPU cycles or the bandwidth consumed by them. Some of the well known public computing service providers are IBM software layer, Google Compute Engine and Amazon Web Services.

Private  Cloud Computing:
Private Computing services are being delivered to the internal users from the data center of business. This model is known to be very convenient and versatile at the same time. This can also preserve management at the same time. The internal customers are sometimes charged and sometimes not for the services via IT charge back.

Hybrid Cloud Computing:
Private Computing and Public Computing are combined with orchestration to form the Hybrid Cloud Computing. If companies are running extremely critical loads of work, they use hybrid cloud computing. The hybrid cloud computing is also used for running sensitive applications on private cloud while public computing is used for the bursting workloads which must scale-on-demand. The main objective of hybrid cloud computing is creating a scale and automated environment. This takes the benefits of all those provided by public cloud infrastructure and maintaining control over the mission critical data at the same time.
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