Different modes of online payment

In the digital age, people are relying more on internet for accomplishing their works. Online transactions are becoming more common as people can complete the tasks sitting in the comfortable zone of home. You can pay your phone, electricity, internet and other bills with the help of online payment. Online payment also helps you to pay EMIs at the same time. You can do online shopping with much ease with the online payment. There are different modes of payment which have played a vital role in making human life much easier :

Net Banking:
 Net banking is an electronic mode of payment by which the customers of a bank is capable of conducting various financial transaction with the aid of bank's website. The net banking is a part of the core banking system which are operated by the bank. Yo can perform the transactions just by logging into the bank's website. For using the net banking facilities, the customer should be registered with the bank. The bank in turn provides this customer with a customer ID, a password and certain other credentials for verification purposes. You can look at your account balance, pay bills, transfer funds with the help of net banking.

Mobile Banking:
 Smartphones have find extensive usage in every day life and they are not lagging behind when it comes to perform online transactions. In mobile banking, you can do a wide number of online ransactions with the aid of smartphones or tablet. You require an app provided by the bank to make use of this facility. You can use mobile banking to perform online transactions 24*7. You can have a look at your account balance, pay off yor bills and can transfer money with this banking facility. You can sit at home and perform the transactions time and again. The bank will provide you with a customer ID, pin number by which you can perform transactions via mobile banking.

Debit Card
 A debit card is a plastic card which is provided by the bank to the customers once they open an account in the bank. This card helps you to perform various online transactions. Apart from online transactions, you can make use of this card for offline payment as well. You can also transfer funds with the aid of this facility. Banks provide you the 16 digit card number long with a CVV number which is used for performing the transactions.

Credit Card:
 Credit card has also become incredibly popular as a mode of payment. The best thing about credit card is that you can book tickets immediately, pay bills even if you do not have sufficient amount of money to pay at that time. You can perform various online transactions with this card.
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