Gokarna beach popular vacation spot in South India

Gokarna is one of the most popular vacation spots in South India. Located in the Kumta Taluk of Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Gokarna is a small town in the western coast of the country of India. The temple of Mahabaleshwar in Golkarna is the home to Atmalinga which Lord Shiva himself gave to Ravana. Gokarna is also counted among the seven centers for Hindu pilgrimage. A number of people plan for a vacation in this town.

Gokarna has derived its name from Gau and Karna which signifies the ear of cow. As per the Indian mythology, Lord Shiva has appeared from the ear of a cow next to which Lord Brahma sent him to Patal Lok. On the other hand, Gokarna has got its name from the combination of the rivers of Agnashini and Gangavali that signifies the shape of ear of a cow.

How to reach Gokarna:

If you are planning to go by air, you can travel by the nearest airport which is Dabolim in Goa. It is a drive of four hours in the southern direction to the town of Gokarna from Dabolim. On the other hand, trains on the railway station of Konkan stop at the station of Gokarna Road. The Gokarna Road station is 15 minutes from the town of Gokarna. You can also travel from the stations of Ankola and Kumta which are located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Gokarna town. You can also reach Gokarna with the aid of bus. Buses are available from cities of Mangalore, Madgaon in Goa and Bangalore in Karnataka.

Things to do in Gokarna:

Beaches are the primary attraction of Golkarana town. People chill in this place and get tanned for a number of days. The most famous beaches in this town include Paradise Beach, Kudle Beach, Halfmoon Beach and Om Beach. There are a lot of activities in which you can take part in on your vacation in Golkarna which include singing, late night partying. Bonfires, dreams and drums are an incredible part of nightlife of Gokarna and you can enjoy a lot in Gokarna by participating in these activities. Gokarna is also one of the most holy towns for Hindus in the southern part of India. You can pay a visit to Mahabaleshwar temple on a visit to Gokarna.

Places to stay:

There are a number of hotels where you can stay on a visit to Gokarna. If you are planning for a vacation with your family, you can opt for the home stay options. You can avail accommodation at Kudle and Om beach at any time you visit Golkarna. The hotels near Halfmoon and Paradise beaches are available only from the season of November to March.
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