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What is Kumbh Mela ?
Kumbh Mela is a riverside festival which is being celebrated after every twelve years. This religious fair is a Hindu pilgrimage of belief where devotees assemble for bathing in the holy water of Kushavartha Teerth. The Mela is celebrated alternately between Haridwar, Allahabad, Nisak and Ujjain. The number of pilgrims attending this spirital fair every year is certainly going to boggle your mind. Believe or not, more than 12 crore people from all corners of the world travel for attending this fair. The fair has attained immense fame across the world owing to the tremendous faith of people. It is believed that the zodaic positions of the Moon, the Jupiter and the Sun are combined to determine the date of this mela.
Significance of Kumbh Mela
 It is believed that bathing in the river during the mela purifies a person by removing all his sins. Thus bathing in the sacred river body abduct the past karmas of the devotees and thus they redeem themselves from the cycle of life and death. People travel long distances and undergo enormous pain for availing the boons of bathing in the holy river. This mela also brings all human beings together as a wide number of people join this fair irrespective of caste, color and creed.

Mythological origin
In accordance with the Hindu Mythology, the festival has its origin during the Samudra manthan.As Legends say, the  samudra manthan is a battle between the Asuras (Evil power) and Devas (Gods) fot Amrita, which was considered to be the Drink of immortality. The amrita which was produced during the churning of the ocean, popularly known as Samundra Manthan , was placed in a Kumbha or pot. A divine power flew away with the Kumbha with an eye to prevent the asuras to drink the Amrita. It is believed that the divine carrier stops at the four places where the Mela is being celebrated.
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