Scuba diving in india

What is scuba diving?
Scuba diving is a technique of diving under the water in which a person makes use of underwater breathing appliance with the purpose of breathing underneath water. It is usually compressed air, that lets them to move free under the water. Scuba equipment comes in open circuit through which exhaled air is expelled into the surroundings. Carbon-di-oxide is removed by the scrubbing of breathing gas in the semi closed or closed circuit re breather. The oxygen used is restored from reservoir of feed gas before it is used for breathing again.
Scuba diving are enjoyed by a number of people as their hobby. On the other hand, many people enjoy it as a part of their profession. Scuba diving is done for professions like scientific, roles for public safety and military reasons.For commercial applications, scuba divers make use of surface diving appliances.

How a scuba diver moves?
 Scuba diving makes movement under the water with the use of fins which are attached to their feet. External propulsion are being provided by the diver propulsion vehicles. External propulsion are also being provided by sled which are being pulled from the surface. A dive mask is used for clear vision under water. A protective dive suit is used for controlling the float in the water. There are other special equipment which are used for different other purposes during diving.
Scuba divers are trained by highly experienced professionals who issue certifications on successful completion of their training. The scuba divers get trained in skills and procedures in accordance with the level of certification. In the standard operating procedures,the scuba divers are trained for using the equipment. This procedure is also used to deal with general risks in the environment under the water bodies. In the emergency procedures, the scuba divers are trained to help themselves and for assisting divers in danger.A least amount of health and fitness is important for most training organizations. On the other hand, higher level of fitness is required for various applications.


Applications of Scuba Diving
 Scuba diving has a wide number of applications in both professional and personal lives. Scuba diving are enjoyed in personal lives for the purpose of enjoyment and recreation. Recreational diving has a wide number of technical disciplines for increasing interest underwater. This includes cave diving, ice diving, wreck diving and deep diving. In professional areas, scuba diving are used for the purpose of military diving. These divers place or dispose mines under the water, to infilter behind the enemy lines. Scuba divers also help police investigation team for search, recovery and rescue missions.. Scuba divers also form an important part of fire department , live guard units and even paramedical services. Scuba divers also form an essential part of scientific diving which involve geology, underwater archaeology, hydrology, marine biology etc. There are professional scuba divers who perform documentation of underwater as underwater photographers and videographers, etc.

Scuba Diving in India
 It goes without saying that scuba diving is one of the best water sports. If you are planning for a scuba diving trip, you can visit Andaman and Nicobar islands, Goa, islands of Lakshadweep, Pondicherry and Karnataka.


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