Tricks to reduce data usage in smart phone

Internet in smartphones is used for a number of purposes which include messaging, sending important emails, booking tickets, accessing Facebook and other social media profiles, watching videos and listening music. Data plans for internet usage have become really expensive. It is important that we should reduce the data usage so that the data does not get exceeded. Here are some tricks by which the usage of data on smartphones can be reduced:


1. Turning on data compression feature on the browser of Google Chrome:Smartphone users in general use chrome for browsing purposes. The chrome browser comes with a feature that helps in reducing consumption of data in a significant manner. Believe it or not, this feature can save the data up to 50 %. The browsing speed will increase significantly after making the said changes.

2. Downloading of Opera Max:
Opera used in the browser of Android can be used with the objective for compressing video. This feature is used for saving lot of data even if you watch videos more often than not. For setting it, it is required for downloading opera. After that, in the Data Savings part of settings, put a tick in the box that reads Video Compression. Apart from saving data, this feature also helps in loading videos at a faster rate than before.

3. Removing Facebook App:
Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used in these days. Hence every smartphone user downloads Facebook App which consumes lot of data. Replacing Facebook app with alternative apps helps to reduce lot of data. Facebook Lite is one such app which helps to reduce the consumption of data up to 50 percent.

4. Use of more offline games and apps:Apps that require consistent access to internet connection consume loads of data. Thus it is recommended to use more offline games and apps as this will reduce data consumption in a significant manner.

5. Restriction of background data:
The most convenient means of saving data is restriction of background data. Background data refers to the internet traffic  which keeps going even if you are not actually using any app. You can do the restriction of data by entering the data usage of settings of your smart phone. You can find restrict background data in in data usage section. You can also change the same by entering the settings of accounts of Google and then select the account and next to that, uncheck the apps which are no more needed to sync automatically.

6. Removing loads of data consuming apps from phone:
In the data usage part of Settings, you can get a list of apps which consume lot of data. You can take a list of those apps and limit or remove them which help to reduce the consumption of data in a significant way.

7. Making more use of Wi-fi Spots:
You can switch off the data connection and make use of internet more in open Wi-fi Networks.

8. No or less uploading, downloading, sending of videos and pictures:
A HD video in a smartphone can consume a data of up to 200 MB whereas a singular photo can exceed 40 MB. Hence it is recommended not to use data for the uploading, downloading , sending of videos and images.


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