Android apps that make your life easier

Apps have played a vital role in making life easier. Whether it is about listening music, browsing social media profiles, booking a cab, ordering food, android apps have contributed a lot. Here are some of the well popular apps that are found in every android phone:

 Do you have a habit of googling for new recipes? Handpick is an android app by which you can access recipes of several dishes at much ease.

Does Not Commute:
 Are you a game lover ? Does Not Commute is a game app which starts with a single car on the street. The goal of the game is that you need to drive from a point to another. This game is widely played by all android users.

 Studystorm is an educational app by which you can browse over 5000 video lectures in different subjects. With a very simple interface, students can use this app for studies.

 This app helps in scanning documents with the use of this app. This app also helps in turning images into text with OCR support, edit features and support cross platform.

ES File Explorer:
 ES File Explorer helps you in viewing the files. It also helps in connecting FTP, network drives. You can access all your files with the use of this app.

 It is a pseudo-cloud storage app that provides cross-platform support for both mobile and desktop devices. You can keep any note , write down ideas, missives with this app. This app also lets you creae to-do lists. The app also helps you in attaching images.

 IF by IFTT is a popular app for android that helps save contents. You can create various kinds of connections and save pictures, tweets, various ads with it.

Google Now:
 Google Now is another worth mentioning free android app that provides various information such as weather news. It also helps in managing things such as plane flight information. The app also allows you to acces information quickly by voice searching.

Google Now Launcher:
 With this app, you can put Google in the home screen so that you can access the browser quickly.

Google Play Music:
 Google Play Music is among the best android apps that helps you in uploading songs upto 50,000 to the cloud with the purpose of streaming on computer. It is a cross platform supported app which is based on web. You can also buy iTune music with the use of this app. This app also helps in backing up music.

Google Translate:
 Google Translate is one of the best apps for android  that can be used for translating 90 dialects. It also helps you in saving various translations and you can access them with the aid of this app.

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