Crazy facts about North Korea

North Korea is known to be among the most repressive countries across the world during the reign of Kim Jong-Un. Here are some of the lesser known facts about the country :

Marijuana(Drug) is legal in the country of North Korea
While marijuana is considered illegal in other countries, surprisingly it is legal in this country.

There are no traffic lights in North Korea

It is said that most of the traffic lights have stopped working in this country. Hence the police of the country controls the traffic there.

The largest stadium of the world is in North Korea

North Korea is known to have the largest stadium across the world with more than 150,000 seats.

The year is 105 instead of 2016 in North Korea

The calendar of North Korea is based on the date of birth of Kim II -Sung. Hence it is 105 instead of 2016 in North Korea.

The whole family is punished for a single crime

Believe it or not, in this country, the entire family is punished for a person's crime. Thus the guilt's parents, children and even their grand parents are sent to prison to work with the person who committed the crime.

North Koreans specialize in Accordions

North Koreans are well renowned for playing Accordions. A number of citizens of this country are getting trained to play this instrument.

Film Director was kidnapped in Kim Jong-IL

A film director and his wife was kidnapped for directing North Korean films during the reign of Kim Jong - IL. The director however managed to esacpe after a number of years.

North Korea has their own version of "Godzilla" which is known as "Pulgasari"

As Kim Jon-II watched Godzilla, he made the directors of the film create a new movie called "Pulgasari" which is the master piece version Godzilla.

Kim Sung II is known as the Forever Leader

Kim II Sung is known to be the eternal leader for the country due to which even the country's calendar date is counted from his birthday.His heirs have however ruling the country after him.

North Korea has a literacy rate of 99 %

North Korea is one of the most literate states across the globe with a literacy rate of 99%

People have fun in this country in a pair of three

North Korea enjoys those fun rides in a pair of three.

The Tomb of Kim Jong II is one of the most poplar attractions of the country

The body of Kim Jong II is known to have been preserved in a glass tomb which is counted as one of the most popular attractions. Even tourists from different parts of the globe visit this tomb.

There are only three TV Channels in North Korea

Believe it or not, but the country has only three TV channels out of which only one is available at all times. The other two are available at just week ends.

Students have to pay for all basic things in school

Surprisingly, the students of this country need to pay for desks, chairs, heating fuel and every basic thing in school.
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