How to get more interview calls

Are you looking for a job? Are you planning to change job? Competition has increased too much in these days and you should adopt various means so that you can get more interview calls. The job ratio has become 3:4 job seekers to the openings for job. Thus there are almost no jobs available for two out of every three employees. Here are few ways by which you can avail more interview calls. 

Recruiters are selecting the resume based on the keywords in the resume.Keywords are all relevant words in various different technology used,language used,domain,tools name, techniques used.

Profile Heading in Job Portel:
 Make sure that proper profile heading is given in job portel. Since consultancy or company will come across many resumes, this will help us to sort the resumes quickly .for example FRESHER/2016/ECE/JAVA.

The right Resume
Resume plays a vital role in getting you more interview calls. A number of job portals have come up in these days where there is lot of job listing. It is mandate that you should upload your resume in these job portals on a regular basis. You should also update your resume frequently to ensure continuous calls from the recruiters. You should also ensure at the same time that all your key skills should be mentioned in the first page of your resume. You are going to miss out a number of calls if your key skills are in the second or third page of resume. Also while mailing your resume to the recruitment department, write your skills and experience in the subject line of the email. This increases the interest of recruiters in your profile.

Never ask for too much salary
While sending your resume to the recruitment team, you should ensure that you demand the salary in accordance with industry standards. Asking too much hike can be the reason for missing out interview calls.

Do not apply to the irrelevant job openings
Go through the job descriptions and if you feel that you are fit for the job on the basis of experiences, skills, you can apply to these jobs. However if the jobs are not relevant, you should not waste too much of your time to apply to these jobs.

Check the postings for similar jobs
You can look into the various job portals for all the jobs that are similar to your skills, experience. You can then email your resume to the recruitment tdepartment explaining your skills, experience, achievements.

Get More Referrals
Referrals can increase the chances of getting more calls. If you have a friend or relative working in the company, you can ask them to refer you. Your chances of getting through the job increases by upto 50 % once you get a referral.

Use the Backdoor
First you need to know the location and title of the job. Then you can browse through Google or LinkedIn for finding the department head or hiring manager. You can call them and ask them to refer you for the specific job role.

A different resume
A resume plays a vital role in getting you more interview calls. You should have a resume written by professionals where your skills, achievements, qualification, experiences should be mentioned in a proper way.

Be a contender
While sending your resume to the company, you can provide a link of a website or video that validates your skills and experiences. You can also state your accomplishments and achievements in your resume which helps you to get more interview calls.

Prepare a video resume
Video Resumes can create a better impression on the recruiters in comparison to the traditional ones. This helps the recruiter to have a better understanding of your profile.

Customize the emails
While applying for interview, it is recommended to include a brief description of your technical skills. This helps the company to have a better understanding of your profile. Thus the chances of getting interview calls increases much faster.


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