Places in India where Indians are not allowed

India is a free and independent country. People can roam wherever they want at their own choice. However recently a few spots have been spotted in the country where the natives are not even allowed to enter.

Here is the list of all those places which are in India but do not allow the Indians inside :

Beaches in Goa that say “Foreigners Only”:
It is known to all that Goa is the most popular and exciting tourist destinations in the country. It is also counted to be among the well renowned honeymoon destination and a great place to enjoy even with your friends and families. Of the various places in Goa, the beaches are the prime attractions of the place. You can enjoy  relaxed and memorable time in these beaches. However there are a few beaches in India which are reserved exclusively for the foreigners. The beaches show open discrimination's against the natives of the country since they are not allowed to enter in all these places.

Uno-In Hotel in Bangalore:
Bangalore is the tech city of India and has a number of hotels. The wide number of corporate clients in India in association with Nippon infrastructure has built the Uno-In hotel in the city of Bangalore in 2012. This hotel is another place that stands as an epitome of discrimination and the entry of countrymen is strictyly prohibited in the place.

The "Foreigners Only" beaches in Pondicherry:
Like Goa, Pondicherry is another beautiful tourist destination in India. The beaches in the place adds to its beauty and attract a wide number of visitors every year. Like Goa, the place is known to have some beaches where only foreign tourists are allowed. The entry of Indians are strictly banned in all these beaches.

Free Kasol Cafe in Kasol:
Kasol is a well known name among the party places in the country. A number of tourists visit the place every year for enjoying to the fullest. There is this Free Kasol Cafe in the place where you can nter only if you have a foreign pass holder. It is an Israel Cafe where the entry of Indians are banned.

Broadlands Lodge in Chennai:
The Broadlands Lodge in Chennai is the home to the foreigner Nawab of Chennai. This hotel is known for serving only the Non Indians and one can enter the place only if they hold a foreigner passport.
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