Plan a vacation to Wayanad and enjoy an exciting trip

Situated in the North Eastern district of the state of Kerala, Wayanad is one of the most popular holiday destination in the state. Also known as the district with the least population, the region is situated in the mountains of Western Ghats. Previously the region was popular in the name of ayakshetra after which it was renamed as Mayanad. Finally the region was named as Wayanad. The region is situated 76 km from the sea of Kozhikode. The region covers an extensive area of 2132 km, the hill station has a rainfall of 2322 mm in the areas of Meppadi, Lakkidi and Vythiri. The region is a great place for those who love wildlife , trekking and greenery.


Places to visit in Wayanad:

Chembra Peak:
 Located at an altitude of 2100 meters, this peak is located near the region of Meppadi , situated in the south Wayanad. Chembra Peak is considered to be one of the tallest peaks in the district. A number of people visit this hill station for a trekking in this peak. Climbing up and down this peak takes an entire day.

 Located at a height of 1700 meters, this region is situated in the deep forests of Brahmagiri hills. This region has very deep caves which consists of different species of animals, birds. The greenery of this cave is loved by tourists visiting this place. You can start from Thirunelli and trek 7 km via the forests.

 The region is situated in the south eastern region of the hill station of Wayanad. The region is well loved by people for a wide variety of trekking options for which a number of tourists visit this place.

Meenmutty waterfalls:
 This falls is located at a close proximity to Neelimala and is considered to be the largest fall in the hill station. You can reach this waterfall by trekking 2 km from the main road which connects Wayanad and the hill station of Ooty.

Banasura Sagar Dam:
 Situated in the South Western region of the hill station of Wayanad, this dam is known to be the largest dam in the country. The region is famous for coffee, honey, spices, tea, herbal plantations and crafted bamboo products. The dam is located at a close proximity to Karalad Lake and offers a wide variety of enchanting views.

How to reach Wayanad:

You can take air, road and train routes for reaching the hill station of Wayanad.

Via Flight:
 You can take a flight from kozhikode airport which is situated 25 km away from the center of the hill station. You can take flights from the cities of Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Chennai and Coimbatore.

Via Road:
 The region is well connected with various regions of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore. You can reach the destination at ease from various other districts of Kerala.

Via Railway:
 The hill station is also well linked with Chennai, Ernakulam Thiruvanathapuram, Mangalore,Mumbai,Coimbatore and Goa. You can book a ticket for Kozhikode railway station for reaching Wayanad.
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