Popular scams that tell the corruption stories of India

Corruption has been an obstacle in the prosperity and growth of the nation. There has been thousand of scams that have involved a huge amount of money. Here are most of the popular scam in the country of India.

Indian Coal Allocation Scam in 2008- 1.86L Crore:
The scam occurred during the reign of Manmohan Singh Government and came out in the year of 2012. There were wrong allocation of coal deposits to state and public run organizations instead of bidding in public.

2G Spectrum Scam in 2008 – 1.76 L Crore:
2G spectrun scam is known to be among the most expensive scam in tha records of India. Mr. A. Raja offered the 2G accounts at the same price in 2001 in lieu of the enhanced rate in the year of 2008. This has affected the economy of India severely.

Wakf Board Land Scam in 2012 – 1.5-2L Crore:
The land that used to be managed by a Muslim charitable trust Wakf board was supposed to be donated to poor and under-privileged people of Muslim community. The disclosure of the scam points out that a huge portion of the land went to the Board members and politicians.

 Commonwealth Games Scam in 2010 – 70,000 Crore:
Believe it or not, corruptions have not spared the commonwealth game as wwell. Though 70,000 crores were supposed to be spent on the Games, only half of the amount was spent on the sportpersons.

Telgi Scam in 2002 – 20,000 Crore:
The scam involves the printing of duplicate stamp papers and sellig them off to variou institutions and banks.  Abdul Karim Telgi, had support from different Government departments which reulted in forery production and sale of security stamps.

Satyam Scam – 2009 – 14,000 Crore:
Satyam is considered to be the biggest fraud in the history of Indian corporate. The scam has caused recession and jobs have been severely affected in the year. Former chairman Ramalinga Raju has been doing forgery in the profit figures and revenews of Satyam for many years.

Bofors Scam in 1980s & 90s – 100 to 200 Crore:
The Bofors has been a major scam in the year of 1980. Befor, the biggest manufacturer of Sweden, was the main person behind this scam. In this, an amount of $16 million were paid to the members of Government under Rajiv Gandhi as prime minister allegedly.

The Fodder Scam in 1990s – 1,000 Crore:
Also known as 'Chara Ghotala', this scam took place in Bihar in the year of 1996. The scam involved the alleged procuration of medicine, husbandry gears, fodder. The scam wasted a major part of the national fund and resulted in severe damage to the economy of India.

The Hawala Scandal in 1990-91 – 100 Crore:
The scam was revealed in the year of 1996 which involved alleged payment to the leading politicians of India via hawala brokers. The then Opposite Leader, Lal Krishna Advani was also counted in the list of accused.

Harshad Mehta & Ketan Parekh Stock Market Scam in 1992 – 5000 Crore :
This corruption has affected the lives of several community.  Harshad Mehta was one of the most reliable persons of the stock market. He produced fake bank receipts and took huge amount of money from bank.

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