Switzerland Tourist Visa Document Check List

Swiss is a nice place to spent our vacation time. Tourist visa can be given in the range of 0 to 90 days depending on the conditions and policy. We can submit our visa application through their site www.vfsglobal.ch/switzerland/india. We need to get an appointment with them before go to them .  Appointment can be booked through online through their site. Visa will be given 5 to 10 working days after application is submitted.

Following Document are Required for Swiss Tourist Visa:

1.Fully Filled Visa application form
2. Original passport of the person who is travelling.
  Passport has several other conditions:
    i.   Passport issued date beyond 10 years will not be accepted
    ii. We need to carry all the passport we have multiple passports
    iii.  If the person is married with travelling  with spouse her name should be printed in
         the passport need to submit original marriage certificates.
    iv. At least two empty pages should there in the passport

3. Two recent passport size photo graphs, It can be matt finish or semi matt finish. Photo should cover 60-80 % of the face with white background and without border.
4. Flight ticket
5. If your going as a dependent like your husband or son is working or going along with them. We may need to submit their Flight ticket as well.
6.Proof of accommodation:We need to show the hotel reservation ticket or if your staying with husband who is already working there then no objection letter from that company. Note travel date and hotel reservation should match
7. Covering letter : This letter is addressed to Consulate General of Switzerland, Mumbai or Delhi. This should contains information about designation, passport number, purpose and duration of visit in brief.
8. Travel Insurance .
9. Some cases they will ask Last three monthly pay slip, Three years form 16. This is not compulsory but better to carry. .
10. Last three month bank statement(Try show minimum 1 lak rupess in account).
11. If your going in dependent visa then last three month of statement of other person as well .
12. School or college certificate
13. PAN Card
14 . Local address proof. 

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