Why cellphones should not be allowed in schools?

Cellphones have an integral part of our lives today. In the past, they were used only to make calls. On the other hand, now, these devices are used for booking tickets, listening music, capturing special moments and what not. In these days, every person is known to carry cellphones. In-spite of the various advantages, it is believed that students should not be allowed to carry cellphones in school.

Here are some of the reasons why cell phones should not be allowed in schools:

It may increase the chances of cheating:
If students are allowed to carry mobile phones, they may use it during classes and exams. Students may use cellphones for cheating as they can find answers by surfing the internet.

Can distract students:
Students may get distracted during classes if they carry mobile phones. It is due to the fact that they may start playing games or do other things with phone.Especially higher class students reading and exchanging unwanted sexual messages, videos which can spoil their carriers.

Damage brain cells:
The radiations from cellphones may damage the brain cells. Hence students should be refrained from carrying these devices at school.

Preserving the Classroom:
A class room is primarily for studies and for sharing ideas. It is also known to be a setting for social interaction. As students bring cellphones to class, they may waste their time in it and the environment for studies may get destroyed.

Risk of stealing:
Cellphones come at a high cut off from your pocket. Bringing this device in class may increase the chances of getting stolen.

Loss of study time:
A sudden call or message during the class may distract the whole class. This may cause an interruption in class which in turn leads to unnecessary loss of study time.

Invading the privacy of others:
It may so happen that students may take photos with their cellphones and post it.

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