National Anti Doping Agency(NADA)

Sports is one of the mediums that play a great role to enhance the prestige as well as the dignity of every country to the rest of the world and while talking about the clarity and the fairness in the field of sport, the name of NADA that is playing a great role to serve this purpose in India.

What is NADA?
NADA stands for National Anti-Doping Agency. This organization was formed November 24, 2005. This type of National Anti-doping Organization (NADO) is present almost in every country and in India this organization is referred as NADA that is National Anti-doping Agency. The organization is basically responsible for endorsing, organizing and monitoring the doping control operation in every type of sports in India. As stated on its official web portal, NADA focuses on approving and executing anti-doping policies and rules which bear out the rules of the World Anti-Doping Code. NADA also plays a vital role in assisting other anti-doping associations in India as well as throughout the world and advances anti-doping education and researches.

How was NADA formed?
  • The first World consultation on doping in the field of sports was organized in Lausanne, Switzerland in early 1999. This conference led to the formation of World Anti-Doping Agency on 10th November of the year. 
  • India was one of the members of WADA during its establishment (1999- 2002). WADA that has commenced principles against the doping cases in sports, adopted its code at Copenhagen, Denmark on 05.03.2005 
  • India is one of the countries that have signed the Copenhagen Declaration supporting the anti-doping standards in December 2004. As per the terms of the code, National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) was recorded as a Society on 24th November 2005.
  • The third conference was held in Madrid of Spain and terminated in the modified version of the code.  
  • On 07.02.2008, NADA has accepted the World Anti-doping code that was proposed by the UNESCO International Convention against Doping and Copenhagen Declaration on Anti Doping on 01.02.2007.
After its establishment since the year of 2005, NADA has always played a great role to maintain the true spirit in the field of every type of sport.Indian government Official website of NADA as below.

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