What is Flag Meeting (Border Meeting)?

Flag meeting is a quite important security building exercise for every country that aims to solve the problem in any particular area and ensures that any anxiety of that area is brought down. This meeting is basically held at the border of two countries or on the Line of Control by the commanders of both sides.


How is a flag meeting organized?
Basically, there are two levels of a flag meeting. It can be held at the brigadier level to solve smaller issues or on the general level to solve any larger context.
A particular time is specified at first by both of the countries. Commanders from both of the countries come nearer to the border area leading by their respective escorts. A representative holds up the peace flag.As per the custom, the commanders from both of the countries sit across one table to discuss the condition. It is somewhat like a conference. 

What is discussed in a flag meeting?
The main discussion of a flag meeting surrounds on the local parameter which means the discussion will just concentrate on solving the local tensions and no diplomatic issues or larger anxieties will be discussed here if there is any between the two nations. Both sides intend to solve the problem following mutual methods. Hence, it will be rightly said that a flag meeting is basically a tactical meeting of lower-level that is organized to diffuse the problem of any particular area.

Where did the flag meeting take place?
As per the custom, the commanders of both of the sides discuss during a flag meeting over a table and most of the time, the table for the discussion is placed on the land of that country which has the ascendancy in the operation. No matter, in whichever country it is taking place, it is quite important for a flag meeting to take place near the border of the two countries. Sometimes, it is also held in no man’s land. Along with the commanders, a number of soldiers also present on the site for providing security. The meeting is only for discussion and does not consist any display like bugle blowing or March past.
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