Fake interview calls from jobsites

Now a days fake information are there every where, Recently my friend got a call and they were claiming they called from one of the famous job site.  They told they will have opening with some big clients and pay will be very good. This is paid service we need to pay 3000 RS through online.  In order to pay money they will send us the link. This is completely fraud we should not even talk to those guys.

They were trying to steel the money from job seekers. We can find them easily by the way they talk.
Also following points to be noted for job seekers.

1. Big Job Sites (Naukri,Monster) are free,though they have premium concept they don't call and ask to pay the money.
2. Any big sites payment will happen only through their site not by giving separate link.
3. We can clearly observe these guys will not ask anything about technical stack , they will only talk about salary part, which most of us interested in.
4. They will always use same companies name again and again.

These are the points can be noted to stay away from these fake calls. Recently my friend received fake call from below number



  1. I also received a call on 14.12.16 as they are from times jobs. And asked me to pay Rs 1799/-
    I know well about times jobs . they never make calls.
    Earlier some gents make a call from the above number . now ladies are also trying to cheat public..

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