Current booking availability in irctc

We prefer train journey due to comfort and less cost than other transport options, but now a days its very difficult to get the train tickets even when we book in advance.Most of us may not be known there is a last minute booking available in IRCTC called  "Current_Availability".
     When any train with reserved classes leaves for its destination, its charts are prepared 4 hours prior to its departure. So, when this chart is made, any vacant berths are put up for booking under “Current booking” status. The only condition is that the station of departure of a passenger should be the origin station of the train. The booking is open from the time of making charts to 15 minutes before the actual departure of the train. This system is better than the system of going through waiting lists because it provides you with a confirmed reserved ticket (if your boarding station is same as that of the origin of the train).

Let us, for instance, take the example of BLR-KCG Express (16569)

The train leaves at 8:35 p.m. Hence, the charts have been prepared by 4:35 p.m.the same day.


Now, it turns out that there are 119 seats vacant in the Sleeper coach. So, now if you login to the IRCTC site, you will find 119 seats for the Sleeper Coach under “Current Booking Availability”. If you wanted to go kacheguda we can  proceed to book a seat under this system.

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