Know your LPG cylinder expiry date

Nowadays we are all using LPG in day today life for mostly kitchen purpose.So we have to use the LPG in safe way to avoid the accidents.Most of us doesn't know that there is an expiry date for the LPG cylinder.Using the expired cylinder may lead to gas leakage and unwanted fire explosion.

So everyone should know the LPG cylinder expiry date also we should inform others if they not know.Expiry date written in any one alphabet letters A to D with any one number by using paints.You can see the date on the metal that connects the top ring and cylinder body.

Alphabet letters indicate the month and the number indicates the year

A    January to March
B    April to June
C    July to September
D    October to December

For example if it is C17 then your gas cylinder will be expired in 2017 September.


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