Best tourist place in india to visit in winter

As we know and we keep experiencing “ INDIA is rich in its physical and cultural heritage”, for travel seekers and adventurers it’s a journey similar as the MANTLE to the CORE, the more we dig the more we explore,  they love exploring its beauty, colors, its flavors and tastes.

If one has to decide the winter vacations at a place favorable to the climate the best tourist place in india is  KULLU AND MANALI.


It’s a journey to the HIMALAYAS  and actually situated in HIMACHAL PRADESH.  MANALI is the best place to feel the pinch of cool wind and enjoy nature. It’s a valley nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of Kullu. It has many attractions but the chief  center of interest  is its historical and archaeological  importance. KULLU is a pack of zig- zag alleys which are open doors to the mountain passes, it lies on the bank of river BEAS and is originated from the river and form a broad and open valley, it also has numerous temples and is renowned as VALLEY OF GODS.

KULLU MANALI are also known for the snow capped mountains, the flower valley and hidden waterfalls. For adventure lovers MANALI is a door to the roads of exploration. While for honeymooners it is an ideal, romantic leisure escapade. It is roles a place for shopping, games, dining, stays and as a world of freedom and illusion.

This place has an average altitude of 2560m above sea level and is the most favorite spot for sports lovers.It is called as SNOW POINT and is enjoyed for skiing, paragliding, trekking, rafting, biking,  and many more such fun oriented and adventures games.It’s a place FULL OF LIFE.

As we recollect MAHABHARATHA we remember BHEEMA. And this temple is dedicated to his wife HIDIMBA. It lies in the thick and dense forest of deodar built in 1553.It is a pathway of INDIAN and BUDDHIST architectural work and made of wood.Just 70 m away is a temple of HIDIMBA's son GHATOTKACHA.

Located in eastern hills of Pir  Panjal Range It is famous for the picturesque site of valley and various hidden waterfalls   as river Beas and Chenab  lie to the southern and northern side of the pass.

Spring  are the natural hot water sources. Vashist is famous for SULFUROUS HOT WATER  to attract pilgrims and tourists.It is at a distance of 4 to 5 km from MANALI  And situated across river BEAS.It is famous for the stone temples dedicated to saint VASHISTA. 

It is a sacred temple of lord SHIVA located in KULLU at Bajura. The temple has intricate stone carvings and idols of gods.

Is a natural cold water spring and originates from the BHRINGU river. This place is a perfect picnic and refreshing spot and named after JAWAHARLAL NEHRU as it is said that he used to drink from this whenever he used to visit it.

The temple is located in picturesque paths and the diety is goddess DURGA.
So the best time in the year to visit is the DUSSEHRA time when the temple is on a shine time.

This palace has a Pahari style architecture and blend of wall paintings. Its a residential for the erstwhile rullers of Kullu valley and formerly called Rupi palace.

It is located at 2460m above sea level. It is named so   as the 60 feet high lightning  rod   situated in the temple is struck by lightning throughout the year.

Its flow is so fast that it is not suitable for swimming but yes it is perfect for rafting and various other camping and water sports. Apart from above there are also some other beautiful places to be visited in the plan which will add the fragrance of memories to you like.


 Connects   Malava  village to the Kullu valley.  It is an area for trackers and its  picturesque beauty of peaks and rivers make it a landmark.

As   many people from TIBET origin have settled here since years many monasteries lie here.Famous are GADHAN   THEKCHHOKLING GOMPA   and HIMALAYAN   NYINGAMAPA   GOMPA.They are the store houses for Tibetian   culture, literature and crafts. They are known for handicrafts paintings and carpets .The aroma of hyms  / chants and rotating prayer wheels together create divine ambience.

As off all the places in KULLU AND MANALI are mind blowing, refreshing energetic, and mesmerizing each one of us SHOULD visit it   at least  once and enjoy the BEAUTY AND HERITAGE of INDIA.


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