Security features of new 2000 rupee note

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that Rs 500 and 1000 are banned to stop corruption and to abolish the black money in our country.Due to this announcement,Reserve Bank Of India(RBI) released more security features of new 2000 rupee note to avoid black money and fake note.There are 14 type of security features available in new 2000 rupee note which is difficult to make it as fake note.These features are easily identified by the blind peoples also.

Features in Front Side:


  1. Value of the currency 2000 is watermarked. 
  2. The latent image of the value 2000 is placed on the rectangular shape image which can be seen only when the note is tilted to particular angle.
  3. The value 2000 is written in Devanagari script.
  4. Image of Mahatma Gandhi is little changed and placed in the center of the note.
  5. There is a color changing feature,if we turn back the note the green color is changed to blue color.
  6. RBI Governor's signature and Emblem of the RBI is placed right side of the currency.
  7. On the left top and right bottom of the note the number panel with numerals is in the manner small to big size.
  8. On the right bottom the rupee symbol and the value 2000 is placed in the manner of changing from green color to blue color. 
  9. Gandhi's image and currency value 2000 is printed in small letters in watermark format.
  10. Asoka Pillar emblem is printed in the right side of the note.
Features in Back Side:


  1. The currency printed year is on the top left side of the note.
  2. The logo of Swachh Bharat and its slogan is printed on the note.
  3. Value of the note is printed in the recognized Indian languages.
  4. Currency value is written in Devanagari format.
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