Diseases spread by mosquito

Mosquito is the main problem for most of the diseases.Mosquito not only creates the disease it also spread the disease.If mosquito bites then it will be itchy also for someone it makes rashes on the skin.So everyone is trying to control the diseases spread by mosquito by killing it.They cannot be fully destroyed but it can be controlled.I would like to share some information about the mosquito.mosquito is not sucking human blood for food but it requires blood as a nutrient for its egg to grow.Generally mosquito eats small leafs as food.Only female mosquito mainly sucks the blood where as male mosquito do not bite much.
Diseases spread by mosquito:
  1. Malaria
  2. Chikungunya
  3. Zika virus
  4. Dengue fever
  5. Yellow fever
  6. West Nile virus
  7. Filariasis
  8. Encephalitis
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