Foods to increase mothers feed

Mothers milk is the main nutrition of baby which increases the immunity for the baby.Mother feed to baby should be continued at least for 1 year,so that baby will be very healthier also gains proper weight.But many of the mother's are not having enough mothers milk to feed the baby.Mothers milk is not increased due to the health condition of the mother,so doctors are suggesting tablets as well as some milk powders.But we have an easy way to increase the mothers milk through the foods.

Foods taken to increase the mothers milk:
    breast feed
  • Drumstick leaf: These leaves play an important role in increasing the mothers milk.We can have the leaf in the mode of soup as well taken with the food also.
  • Milk fish: Eating dried milk fish(paal karuvadu) or fresh fish daily increases the mothers milk.It gives more nutrition to the health also.Because comparing to other fishes it contains more omega 3 fatty acids.                                                                                           
  • Fenugreek: Adding fenugreek in food increases the mothers milk since it contains calcium,vitamin and iron.Have a fenugreek in the empty stomach but don't take too much because it dries the skin.
  • Garlic: Take crushed garlic with milk at least for two days once.If not able to eat like that just fry the garlic in little oil and have it.It increases the mothers milk fastly.                                    
  • Tulsi: It is the herbal plant used in all the medicines.It has the vitamin k,so it increases the mothers milk.Taking tulsi 2 times per day in the amount of half cup increases the mothers milk rapidly.
  • Fatty foods: Eating fat filled foods such as milk,butter,ghee etc increases the mothers milk.So add any one fat redundant food regularly.                                                                                       
  • Nuts: Having almond,cashew nut and wall nut in evening time increases the mothers milk because they contains more vitamins and proteins.                                                                        
  • Vegetables: Vegetables like bottle gourd,pumpkin,gourd increases the mothers milk.It contains more vitamin.                                                                                                                                  
  • Foods rich in fiber:  Foods such as green leaves,red vegetables are rich in fiber. Mainly spinach,potato,beetroot ,beans have more fiber which increases the mothers milk.                      
  • Ragi: Taking ragi porridge  weekly twice increases the mothers milk.It is the main food for the mothers to increase the mothers milk.
  • Carrots: Carrots have more lactation properties,which increases the milk.So including carrot in breakfast and lunch is the best way to increase the mothers milk.
➤Note: Feeding baby frequently will also increase the milk.The important thing is feeding should be made both the sides otherwise breast pain will occur.
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